Yoga Gifts to Include in a Gift Basket for Yoga Enthusiasts

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Finding yoga gifts for people who practice yoga seems tricky at first.

After all, what could yoga practitioners possibly need? Give them a mat and a couple of free square meters and they are all set, right?

Nevertheless there are some cool gift ideas yogis would find very useful (although they might not even be aware they exist, being anti-materialistic and all...).

Here are some yoga related gift ideas based on my humble experience as a part time yoga practitioner (I know I'd love to have them ). Get some or all of them and put together a yoga lover gift basket:

Yoga gift basket Ingredients

basket yoga mat carry baggym bag Container - basket, Mat carry bag (see below), gym bag.
yoga mat carry bag Mat carry bag - most yogis have a yoga mat but not all of them have a decent way to carry it.
yoga mat with strap Mat strap - the lighter version of a mat carry bag. It wraps around the mat with and keeps it rolled.
yoga mat Yoga mat- also called “sticky mat” because it prevents feet from slipping. Most yoga practitioners already have one but if your recipient doesn’t - the thicker the better.
yoga strap Yoga strap - help stretch limbs and hold them in place when needed. Includes a buckle to adjust strap length as needed.
yoga block Yoga blocks - light weight foam blocks (look like children's building blocks). Allow elevation and support for certain poses.
yoga blanket Yoga blanket - keeps you warm during Shavasana (relaxation pose), provides a cushioned support during headstand and useful for many other poses too.
hair band Hair band - if your recipient has long hair, a hair band is very practical to keep hair away from eyes when a ponytail is not an option ( during inversion poses for example).
yoga sock Yoga socks - special none-slip socks or half socks. Enable a warm yet safe practice on those cold winter days.
meditation cushion Meditation cushion - for those who meditate for long periods of time as part of their yoga practice.
neckroll Neckroll - to support neck when in relaxation pose.
eye mask Eye mask - to help detach while in relaxation pose or during meditation.
water bottle

Water bottle

yoga clothes

Yoga clothes

music cd

Yoga/ meditation music

magazine Yoga magazine - a copy of a magazine or a subscription to one.
yoga book

Yoga book


Yoga practice DVD

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