Valentine Gift Ideas


Unique gift baskets make excellent Valentine gift ideas!

They ooze with love and thoughtfulness simply because you took to the effort to come up with a tailor made gift for your loved one.

"hmmm...tailor made..." I can almost hear you pondering, "...that sounds much too complicated / crafty / expensive for me".

But actually Valentine's gift baskets can be sooooo easy to put together! It's all about finding a concept, picking items that go along with it and putting them all in a gift basket.

Need some inspiration? Here are some great Valentine gift ideas anyone can put together:


"Nuts About You" Valentine Gift Basket Idea

Fill a basket with an assortments of nuts (walnuts, pecans, macadamia etc) , chocolates with nuts (aim for heart shaped ones if possible), other nut containing products (Nutela bread spread, nut cake or cookies) and a nut cracker.

You can also include recipes with nuts, nut flavored coffee and anything else to do with nuts. Top if off with a chipmunk plush toy.

Use this 4 fold printable "Nuts About You" card to accompany your yummy gift basket (click here for instructions on how to use it).

heart puzzle

"You Complete Me" Gift Basket Idea

This gift basket is all about items that belong together, just like you two!

Fill your gift basket with such "couples": lock and key, strawberries and whipped cream, bottle opener and a bottle of wine, can opener and your loved one's favorite canned food, earphones and MP player, salt and pepper shakers, toothbrush and toothpaste. You get the idea....

You can also include a puzzle created from a picture of both of you together. Have one made or make one yourself by printing a photo of both of you, sticking it onto a hard surface and then cutting it into puzzle pieces.

And how about matching his and her items? coffee mugs, rings, a pair of matching half heart lockets / key chains or even his and her T-shirts with matching half hearts drawn on them.

Here is a 4 fold "You Complete Me" card to go along with your heart warming gift basket (click here for instructions on how to use it).


"You Are Hot" Gift Basket Idea

Go for a temperature concept with this sizzling gift basket. Include items that reflect heat: matches, lighter, candles, charcoal, fire wood, cigars, pipe, flame shaped candy and ornaments, spicy food (tabasco, chili peppers, hot salsa and chips) or even Bengay ointment (i know it makes me hot...).

On the other hand get some cooling items too - hand fan, baking mittens, cool shape ice cube tray etc.

Put together a CD with "hot" songs such as Light My Fire (The Doors), Fire / I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen), Hot Stuff (Donna Summer) and others.

Put these items and a gift basket and top it off with this printable "You Are Hot" card (click here for instructions on how to use it).


"My Heart is Yours" Gift Basket Idea

This easy to make Valentine gift idea manifests your love in the clearest way, simply because it is packed with heart shaped items.

Here are some ideas for heart shaped items you an include in this gift basket - candy, chocolates, cookies, balloons, eraser, note pad, key chain, ice cube tray, baking pan, mouse pad, stress ball, jewelry box, Jewelry (ring, earrings, locket), hair accessories, broach, soap, portable memory stick, mobile charm, clothing items with printed hearts (pyjamas, socks, T-shirts etc), pillow, pillow case, makeup items and anything else you come across.

Here's a matching 4 fold printable "My Heart is Yours" card to include in this loving Valentine gift idea (click here for instructions on how to use it).

breakfast tray

"Breakfast in Bed" Gift Basket Idea

A classic gift basket to pamper your loved one as soon as she/he wakes up. Fill a basket or a breakfast tray with all sorts of breakfast items for an indulging breakfast in bed.

Here are some ideas: assortment of jams, butter, honey, crackers, gourmet cheese, cookies, maple syrup, pancake mix, granola, gourmet coffee and tea bags, fruits and pastries (add the last two just before handing over your gift basket so they remain fresh).

You can also include breakfast related accessories such as coffee mug, egg cup, magazine, a pretty cloth napkin or a pack of paper ones and some fresh flowers for a final touch.

Other Valentine Gift Ideas

Looking for other Valentine gift ideas? here are more options to help you find your perfect gift

music CD a CD or portable memory stick with a romantic custom made song collection you prepare or ...
MP player for a more expensive choice - a MP player with your song collection saved on it.
dollar sign Lottery ticket - a great last minute gift idea with so much promise...
book Romantic book. You can include it in a book theme gift basket. Click here for more details.
massage Couples massage gift voucher or....
massage gift voucher a voucher for a massage given by you (click here for a printable massage voucher). An excellent option for a last minute Valentine's gift idea if you know how to give a massage - all you need is good intentions and your hands!
romantic dinner table Romantic dinner (go out to a restaurant or surprise your loved one with a romantic homemade meal).
tickets Romantic movie or show (followed by dinner?...)
film reel Romantic stay at home movie evening. See this movie gift basket for ideas to include in your gift.
suitecases Romantic weekend getaway.
wine a bottle of wine / champagne / whiskey with a pair of matching glasses.
flowers Flowers - even after years of marriage, there's nothing like beautiful freshly cut flowers to make me feel on top of the world. Especially if they are from my husband.
chocolates Chocolates - a girl's best friend, even before diamonds some would say.
Jewlry Jewelry
perfume Perfume / Cologne
teddybear Plush toys

Want even more Valentine gift ideas? how about gift baskets to match your loved one's personality or hobbies? click on these two links to find more creative gift ideas you can use for Valentine's day.

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