Great Ideas for Unique Holiday Gifts

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It's this time of year again, and you are searching for unique holiday gifts for family and friends?

A great "all-in-one" gift idea is a holiday survival kit gift basket for the entire family, containing something for each family member and a bunch of essentials to survive any holiday period.

And here are great gift basket ideas for:

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Unique holiday gifts ideas by hobby

If you are looking for unique holiday gift ideas for an individual, how about introducing her/him to a new hobby or boosting up an existing one? after all there is no time like the holiday season to immerse in a hobby with all this free time on our hands.

You can put together a woodworking gift basket with a tool box full of bits and pieces needed for woodworking projects; fill in a mosaic making gift basket with broken dishes, hammer, glue, mosaic making instructions and more; prepare a gardening gift basket with knee cushions, seeds, gloves, sun screen and other gardening essentials; or make a book gift basket filled with cool items such as a "book owner" stamp and more. Click on each gift basket link for a complete ingredient list, or check out this page for all hobby gift basket ideas.

For unique gifts on the sporty side go for running, swimming, cycling or golfing gift baskets, containing much needed items such as sports socks, car seat covers, deodorant, energy bars, and other more specific items (click on each link to see the full ingredient list for each sport type).

Other cool gift ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas that are not hobby-related, you can hardly ever go wrong with a nail care gift basket for a woman, containing everything she needs to keep her nails well groomed (for a personal touch, you can even include your own manicure coupon if you know how to give one yourself).

Or if your recipient is a man, go for a couch potato gift basket including everything he'll need to stay put (even a coupon book!), or a toilet thinker gift basket including restroom essentials for an enjoyable prolonged stay...(of course these ideas are suitable for some women too).

Found your unique holiday gift idea but worried about putting it together? fear not! here are some extremely easy instructions on how to put a gift basket together.

So... choose a theme, enjoy the making and have a great holiday!

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