Car Driver Gift Baskets:
Unique Birthday Gifts for People
Who Spend a Lot of Time in the Car

car driver

Surprisingly, the most unique birthday gifts can derive from the most common actions we take. One of them is driving.

If your recipient spends a lot of time in the car, surprise him/her with a Car Driver Gift Basket packed with some or all of the below great items. They might enjoy their unique birthday gift so much, they'll start enjoying driving their car...

Car Driver Gift Basket Ingredients

basketboxpocket organizer Container - basket , car waste basket, plastic storage box (to use for organizing the trunk), pocket organizer (see below).
car freshener Car freshener - for a pleasant driving experience. It's amazing how fragrance enhances our well being. You can choose from the classic "hang-on-mirror" ones to sophisticated ones that come with an essence refill bottle.
music CD Relaxing music - why not include a collection of soothing / cheerful songs (depending on the recipient) to ease that daily traffic jam? Choose a CD for cars with CD players or a memory stick if you intend to include a FM transmitter (below) in your basket.
audio book Audio books - Make this an even more unique birthday gift with an audio book. It is a great way to turn driving time into a useful and enjoyable experience. You can buy audio books at book stores or even download classic audio books for free (For example: check out LibriVox for free audio books which are recorded by volunteer readers).
FM transmitter FM transmitter - a great little gadget for music lovers with a car stereo. It transmits music from your plugged in memory stick / SD card / MP player to a radio channel of your choice. You simply tune your radio to your chosen channel and listen to your music through your car's stereo. By the way, if your recipient still has a cassette player in the car, there's also a cassette adapter for car stereos.
tissues Tissues / wipes - We all know how frustrating it is to sneeze/ spill a drink / have an ice-cream meltdown while in the car, without any tissues or wipes in sight. Spare this kind of mishap from your recipient by adding tissues/wipes to your gift basket. You can also add a suction cup dispenser to keep the tissues in place.
pocket knife Army knife - very useful in so many unexpected situations. The one I keep in my car gloves compartment rescued me on so many occasions - when I needed to open a bottle of wine on a picnic, peel an orange, cut a price tag I discovered on my shirt.., unscrew a flat tire, and many more.
tweezers Tweezers - sometimes included in a Swiss army knife but if not, and especially if this gift basket is for a woman, a very practical item.
toothpicks Toothpicks - for those who go crazy when something gets stuck in their teeth. My husband suggested I add this item (being one of them) and I was surprised to see how many people identified with him.
first aid kit First aid kit- bandages, plasters, iodine, headache pills. Better not to need them but you never know.
non slip mat Non slip mat - a silicon mat you place on your dashboard that clings onto anything you place on it. No more flying objects when taking a sharp turn.
pen holder Pen holder - there always comes a time when you need to write something important down but the dozens of pens you know are in your car, suddenly all vanish. A pen holder that clings to the air vent frames, can solve this problem.
cup holder Cup holder - for the odd coffee cup, water bottle or other small bits and pieces.
toiletries Travel size toiletries - deodorant, perfume/aftershave, sun screen, lip balm etc. If you ever left the house on a hot summer day and later realized you forgot to apply deodorant, you'll know what life savers these can be.
pocket organizer Pocket organizer - a cool and practical item to store everything in - insurance papers, discs, pens, books, ...and almost everything on this list. Therefore you can also use it as a great container for this gift basket. There are car pocket organizers that hang from the back of the front car seats or ones that hang from the side of the passenger seat, so the driver has access to them. For a real unique birthday gift on the crafty side, you can make a personalized car pocket organizer by sewing different size pockets onto an apron.
detergent Car detergent + cloth - for the ones who love pampering their car. Choose the imitated deer skin cloth for a "professional" touch.
hanger Clothes hanger - to hang jackets, shirts, coats etc. while keeping them wrinkle free. There are even special car clothes hangers that cling onto the back of the driver's head rest.
cigarette lighter power splitter Cigarette lighter power splitter - for techie drivers who charge their electronic gadgets though their cigarette lighter socket and could do with more sockets.
USB car adapter USB power car adapter - to charge any device with USB cable while in the car.
10 in 1 USB charging cable 10 in 1 USB charging cable - a cable with 10 different adapters to charge almost any device using the USB power car adapter.
flat tire spray Flat tire inflator spray - in case of a flat tire emergency. This spray will inflate and seal your tire well enough to drive to the nearest garage and have it properly fixed. Beats changing your tire yourself, especially if you are a woman...
head flashlight Head flash light - A flash light with a head-band to wear around your forehead. It leaves you hands free and therefore very practical when you need to search/repair something in the middle of the night (much better than holding a flash light with one hand while trying to find the spare tire with the other).
snack Emergency snacks - great comfort in case of a real bad traffic jam. Stay away from chocolate based snacks because they tend to melt. Go for energy bars, salty snacks, crackers, chewing gum (very handy in case you forgot to brush your teeth) etc

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