A Special Day Out - The Most Unique Birthday Gift Idea You Can Give!

This is my all-time favorite unique birthday gift idea when it comes to someone who is  very close to me (mom, significant other, best friend, daughters etc). It is all about giving them a priceless gift – time.

A special one-on-one magical day completely devoted to them.

True, it takes some pre-planning: scheduling a free day for both of you and coming up with an itinerary, but it is so worth it! plus it has at least 3 major advantages I can think of:

  • It is the most caring, loving, unique gift idea – your recipient will love the time and attention, guaranteed!

  • You can adjust the budget to meet your means as the main ingredient is already there – time!

  • It is the perfect last minute gift idea when needed- give it now, plan it later!

Sounds great but what do I give them?

Want to go for this unique birthday gift idea? great! Now you need to let your recipient know of your intentions.

You can either prepare your own card explaining what your gift is or use one of these free printable cards I prepared for you.

To print, click on the image to see a larger one --> right click and choose "save as" --> save to your computer and print as you normally would.

Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day color1
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day color2
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day BnW1
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day BnW2
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day yellow1
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day yellow2
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day green1
Unique Birthday Gift Idea- special day green2

Fill in the required info, insert your card  into a pretty envelope or a gift box and bestow it upon your recipient.

As for coming up with a concept for this day - that's easy!…I bet wheels are already starting to spin inside your head as you are reading this phrase.

Need help coming up with an itinerary for your unique birthday gift ? not a problem!

Things to do on your special-day-out gift idea

Think about what your recipient loves to do or dreams of doing but doesn't get to and follow that road.

Adjust the activities according to your budget (e.g. a self guided tour instead of a paid one, public beach instead of a private one with an entrance fee etc).

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • The beach (sailing, sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, building sand castles…)

  • Picnic in the park / woods / other outdoor location

  • Museum exhibitions / art galleries

  • Movie / Show

  • Flea market bargain hunting

  • Site seeing (for low budget check out free guided tours)

  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner at a restaurant

  • a combination of the above two – food tasting tour!

  • Hobby workshop (painting, pottery, knitting, carpentry, poetry, photography, cooking…)

a cool inexpensive gift idea – if you master a form of art  or skill that your recipient would love to learn – give them a one on one workshop yourself!

  • Spa treatment

  • Hair saloon treatment

  • Mani Pedi treatment (want to give one yourself? here's a printable coupon you can use)

  • Wine tasting

  • Escape room

  • Amusement park

  • Extreme sport (sky diving / Bungee jumping /  rock climbing etc)

  • Shopping spree (if you have the budget...)

  • A mystical session (card reading, astrology, numerology etc)

  • Sports activity (cycling, yoga, trampoline jumping, belly dancing, kick boxing, kayaking...)

  • A lecture about something interesting

  • For the spontaneous - let your recipient decide what he/she wants to do and indulge them!

Good luck! and I really hope you enjoy your special day together.

Would absolutely love for you to share your experience with me in the comments below or by using my contact form.

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