A Towel Gift Basket Container

towel gift basket container small

A towel gift basket container is the perfect container solution for a gift basket that already includes a towel or can include one.  It's especially handy when you just ran out of budget for a container or when you don't have a basket at hand.

Personally, I love to use unique and practical gift basket containers instead of a "regular" basket whenever I can. Functional containers add value to the gift, not to mention they save money as they have dual purpose! Just like this towel gift basket.

And it's so easy to make too! believe me, if I made one - anybody can. It is kind of an origami towel gift basket but not 100% pure origami as I use a safety pin to secure it (better safe than sorry) ...

What's great about this container is that it doesn't have to be made of  towels only. It can be used as a container solution with other fabrics as well -  blankets, throws, table cloths, napkins, curtains.....

Ok, all ready and have a towel at hand? let's go!

notes and tips before you start

  • For best results your towel should be in a rectangle‏ shape and its narrow side should be at least 40 cm (15 inches) long to allow enough storage space inside after folding.

  • The larger your towel is and the heavier your gift items are, the more support your gift basket will need. The best would be to place cellophane paper under the basket when placing gift items inside and then just wrap the gift basket with the cellophane paper.

  • If your gift items do not contain edible products, spray a little perfume or fabric refresher onto the towel for an extra touch.

How to make an origami towel gift basket container

Ingredients: rectangle‏ towel, safety pin (optional).

towel gift basket ingredients


Fold towel's long side in half so that open side is close to you.

towel gift basket fold1

Now fold the towel again into 3 thirds

towel gift basket fold2fold top third down
towel gift basket fold3fold bottom third up
towel gift basket fold4towel folded to thirds

Next fold the towel into 3 again, this time horizontally:

Fold the right side to the center

towel gift basket fold5

and then the left side to the center

towel gift basket fold6

Your towel should now look like this:

towel gift basket fold7

Take the middle fold and tuck it into the top fold.

towel gift basket fold8

like this:

towel gift basket fold9

 So your towel looks like a flattened ring

towel gift basket fold10

At this stage you may secure the towel ring with a safety pin if you wish:

towel gift basket fold11

... and then release the top fold to hide the pin.

towel gift basket fold12

You're almost done..

Now Lift the towel upright so it "stands" with the secure tucked-in fold facing you and the open inner folds are facing up.

towel gift basket fold13

Gently push the inner folds down so they form a "floor" - first push the 2 inner folds that are closer to you:

towel gift basket fold14
towel gift basket fold15

Then push the remaining folds down

towel gift basket fold16

This is what it looks like after pushing all inner folds down:

towel gift basket final

You're all done!  Your towel gift basket container is ready to be used!

towel gift basket filled

And here's an example of a towel gift basket container made from a large bath towel with the same origami folding technique. The full details for this bath gift basket are available here.

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