Great Swimming Gifts to include
in a Swimmer Gift Basket


Swimmers don't need much while exercising; even their swim suite is minimal ;-) (I'm referring to male swimmers of course). However the below swimming gifts can make any swimmer enjoy swimming even more.

Pick some or all of the below great gift ideas for swimmers and put together a cool swimmer gift basket!

Swimmer gift basket Ingredients

gift basket mesh bagsports bagswim capContainer - basket, mesh bag, sports bag, swim cap (for smaller gift baskets).
goggles goggles - one of the most classic swimming gifts. Come in a range of colors, sizes and prices.
ear plugs Ear plugs - Help prevent "swimmers ear". Get ones that are designed for water based sports (usually made of silicon). They are flexible, customizable and very cheap.
nose clip Nose clip - this is the perfect swimming gift for those who hate the sensation of water running up their nose and want to keep the pool water in the pool - where they belong.
swim cap Swim cap - a silicon or latex swim cap is a must for swimmers with long hair as it keeps the hair away from the eyes. Some say it also helps protecting hair against chlorine. There are solid color caps, ones with funny images prints and even ones with fins on top. Can also be used as a container for smaller gift baskets.
kickboard Kick board - held by the arms while strengthening and improving leg kicking ability.
swim fins Swim fins - Allowing to focus on kicking technique without over-straining leg muscles. Beware - they come in different sizes (much like shoes) so make sure you know which size to get.
swim paddles Swim Paddles - worn on hands, help developing good stroke technique.
Pull buoy Pull buoy - placed between legs to neutralize them and increase upper body workout.
mesh bag Mesh bag- great for carrying all of the above wet gear after practice. Can also serve as this gift basket's container.
car seat cover Car seat covers - waterproof removable covers to keep car seats dry after swimming practice. If you are feeling creative here are super easy instructions for making a homemade waterproof car seat cover in 10 minutes.
waterproof pouch Waterproof pouch / ziploc plastic bag: useful for protecting "water sensitive" items such as cell phone, money, etc. If you include a ziploc bag in your swimmer gift basket, use a permanent marker to write something like "Joe's safe- will self distract it messed with!" on it. This way Joe won't wonder why you included an empty plastic bag in his gift...
lap counter Lap counter - ever noticed how after a few laps you start losing track of counting? a lap counter can solve this problem. There are automatic counters (with motion sensors) and ones that fit like a finger ring, with a counter button. Preferably choose a single hand operating counter, so it does not interfere with swimming.
sport water bottle Sports water bottle - to place on pool side for hydration before/during/after workout.
energy bar Energy bars - for in between or after workouts.
music Swimming music - If your recipient owns a waterproof MP, here's an idea for a unique homemade swimming gift. Create a collection of songs matching your swimmer's taste to keep him/her going. Burn it on a CD or disk-on-key, for your recipient to download onto MP.
towel Towel - another classic swimming gift to dry simmer off at after workout.
toiletries Travel size toiletries - to be used in the shower after workout.
code lock Lock - for shower room locker. Get a code lock which is “key-free”.
flip flops Flip flops - to wear before / after practice and in the showers.
book Book about swimming
magazine Swimming magazine - a copy of a magazine about swimming or even a subscription to one.
massage Body Massage gift voucher - all those aching muscles would love to receive a massage (you don't really need to workout to love this gift...)


Want to splurge some more? here are some higher budget ideas:

swim parka Swim parka - a swimming gift for heavy duty swimmers. A coat like parka made of water-resistant Nylon shell and fleece lining to keep swimmer warm during long training sessions or competitions.
swimming lessons TI swimming lessons - TI (Total Immersion) is a unique swimming technique enabling swimmers to swim the same distance using less strokes and therefore conserve energy. An asset to any swimmer. Here's a list of TI certified coaches worldwide. There are even downloadable self-coaching tool-kits which can make perfect last minute swimming gifts.
MP Waterproof MP - swimming can to put it gently...boring! listening to music while you are at it, is a great way to pass the time.
heart rate monitor Heart rate monitor - a wrist watch device and a chest strap with built in sensor. Used to track heart rate, speed, distance, calories burned and more. Make sure to get one that is suitable for swimming as different monitors are aimed at different sport types.

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