Sports Kit - a Sporty Gift Basket for Anyone Who is into Sport Activities

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A sports kit is a great gift for people who enjoy physical workouts of all forms and types - running, cycling, yoga, swimming, aerobics, tennis etc.

This kit is also great if you know your recipient is into sports but you're not sure what type of activity he/she likes.

Choose some or all of the below great gift ideas and put together a sporty gift basket to make anyone feel like getting up and start moving.

If your recipient is into a specific sport, check out these gift basket ideas by sport type (they include the below items plus even more great ideas depending on activity).

Sports kit ingredient list

gift bakset gym baglaundry bag Container - basket, sports bag, laundry bag.
socks Sports socks- if your recipient wears shoes during workout, a pair of cushioned, antibacterial, moisture absorbent socks with flat toe inseams are one of the most practical items to include in a sports kit gift basket.
smelly shoe Shoe odor eliminators - shoe spray, shoe powder or shoe fresheners that are placed inside the shoes in between workouts are of benefit not only to the recipient but also to the surrounding people...(that is if your recipient wears shoes during workout).
car seat cover Car seat covers - waterproof removable covers that protect car seat against odors and moisture after a sweaty workout. Here are instructions for making a homemade waterproof car seat cover in 10 minutes.
sport water bottle Sports water bottle - for hydration before/during/after workout.
energy gel Energy gels - small gel packs full of energy boosters to be consumed during intensive workouts. Get an assortment of energy gels in different flavors.
energy bar Energy bars - good for after workouts because they stop the body from consuming muscle mass to regain energy.
arm strap Storage arm strap - a storage solution for people who cannot part from their cell phone, MPs, car keys etc.
shoe wallet Shoe wallet - a smaller storage option for sports activities done with shoes on. This pocket like wallet attaches to your shoe and is great for smaller essentials such as money and car keys.
music Music playlist - for any workout that can be done while listening to music (running, working at the gym, swimming with waterproof MP, yoga, spinning etc). Burn a song collection onto a CD or disk-on-key for your recipient to download onto his/her MP. Choose music to match activity (energetic songs for running, relaxing sounds for yoga etc).
earphones Earphones - to be used with MPs during workout. Choose the waterproof sports ones that warp around the ears, for durability and a steady grip.
earphone jack splitter Audio jack splitter - for people who workout in couples and like listening to music during workout. With this splitter they can both listen to the same music from the same player.
headband Headband/ wristband - cotton towel bands worn around forehead or wrists to absorb sweat during workout.
baseball cap baseball cap - for sun protection and sweat absorbance during outdoor workouts.
sun screen Sun screen - for extra sun protection during outdoor workouts.
id tag Sports ID tag - for people who workout outdoors. This is a durable ID card with person's emergency information to wear around the neck, attach to shoe etc. You can order one or prepare one yourself by following these easy instructions including a free printable template.
deodorant Deodorant - workout... sweat... any sports kit should include one!
towel Towel - an essential item in any sports kit for during/after workout.
laundry bag Mesh laundry bag - to stick all these sweaty workout clothes into.
toiletries Travel size toiletries - for people who workout indoors and use the showers at the gym afterwards.
code lock Lock - for gym locker if your recipient works out at the gym. Go for a code lock which is “key-free”.
book Sports related book
magazine Sports related magazine - a copy of a sports magazine or even a subscription to one.
sports massage Body Massage gift voucher - all those aching muscles would love to receive a massage (you don't really need to workout to love this gift...)

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