Sports Gift Baskets by Sport type

Many people engage in some form of physical activity. If your recipient is one of them you can give him/her a cool gift basket based on his/her favorite sport.

The secret to inexpensive sports related gifts is concentrating on the peripheral equipment rather than the sport's main accessory (for example, see how many great items you can get a golfer instead of one expensive golf club).

Browse though the below gift basket ideas, pick one and put together a sporty gift basket, or scroll down to read some more about these sports gift ideas.

Gift Baskets by Sport

Some more about sports gift baskets ingredients

Some items on the above gift baskets are sport specific.

Other items may repeat themselves throughout most of the sports gift baskets, simply because they are good for any type of sport activity.

In case you are curious what kind of affordable sports specific items can be included in sport gift baskets, here is a glimpse into a few of the ingredients:

A runner's gift basket can be filled with essential running accessories such as reflective straps, running socks, shoe odor eliminator and other cool practical items.

Golf gift basket ideas include golf balls, ball retriever, swing trainer, divot repair tool and more....(here is a link to the golf gift basket page).

Swimmers gift basket will include goggles, swimming cap, ear plugs, nose clip, swim fins, mesh bag and more...

Click on each of the sports gift basket links to see a complete illustrated ingredient list packed with great ideas for each gift basket.


What if your recipient is into many types of sports?


if you are not sure what’s his/her favorite sport activity?


if your recipient is a couch potato and you want to motivate him/her to start exercising?

Go for the general "sports kit" gift basket filled with handy sport related items anyone can use.

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