Painting Gift Basket Idea

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

-Vincent Van Gogh

painting gift basket

Anyone can paint or draw! Painting does not have to be accurate or realistic. It can also be free-form and abstract.

It's a way to express your feelings, explore your boundries, releave tension and unwind (are your finger tips tickling with anticipation yet?)

That's why a paiting gift basket idea is great for everyone! beginners and experienced painters alike.

Choose one, some or all of the gift ideas below depending on your budget and your reciepient. You can go for a comrehensive gift basket covering drawing and differnt types of painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), or pick a sub-niche.

These gift items can be found at any arts and crafts store, or for a cheaper version, pay a visit to your local dollar store. For one-stop online shopping click on the pictures below to buy them from Amazon.

If you like the concept but don't have the time to creat your own painting gift basket jump to the bottom of the page for some cool all-in-one solutions.

Painting / Drawing gift basket ingredient list

gift basket Container - basket


Paint - acyrlic paints,oil paints, watercolors. Choose one, some or all depending on your budget and your recipient's preferences (for acrylic and oil paints, you can also include a color thinner).
Paint tray palette - to mix colors in.
Palette knife - to scrap dry paint off palette and mix colors with.
Paint Brushes - the classic painting gift basket item. Many types to choose from depending on size and filement type (manmade or animal bristles). The brushes in the picture are great for beginners and come with a brush holder too.
Brush stand / cleaning cup - to clean brushes in. Include a small plastic cup in your gift basket, or for the more proffesional receipients, add a palette cup with a clip like the one in this picture.
cleaning rags Rags - to wipe off brushes.
Paper pad - for watercolor painting.
Canvas - for acrylics or oil painting.
Apron - to protect clothes from getting dirty. If it has pockets, it can become your painting gift basket container. Simply place all items in pockets!


Color drawing pencils - the ones in this picture come as part of a complete set together with an eraser, sharpener, drawing pad and even a carrying case.
Paper pad


Book - for beginners go for an instruction book like this drawing book for example. For experienced painters you can go for advanced techniques books or insparational painting books.
Magazine - a copy of a magazine about painting or a subscription to one.
DVD Instruction DVD - some forms of arts are best learned by watching. There are some great instruction DVDs for painting and drawing (click on the links to see some examples).
blank gift certificate Homemade painting / drawing workshop - if you draw or paint yourself, print out one of these blank gift certificates and invite your recipient to a one-on-one workshop with you!

Looking for "all-in-one" painting gift ideas? how about these cool kits?

Need instructions to put your gift basket together?
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