Cool Affordable New Job Gift Ideas

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A new Job or a promotion are always an exciting occasion worth celebrating with a gift!

While new job gift ideas can be job specific, they don't have to be:

They can celebrate the happy occasion, help cope with emergency situations, upgrade working space looks and feel, contribute to the gastronomic side of work, or simply be practical gift items for everyday usage.

The below list contains many affordable gift ideas suitable for all types of new jobs (if you want to add your own cool idea, drop me a note at the bottom of this page or in the contact form).

You can choose any of these gift items as a "stand-alone" gift, or combine some of them into a cool and practical new job gift basket.

New Job Gift Basket Ideas


gift basket drawer organizer Pencil holder mug lunch box
Basket drawer
mug lunch box


Job Emergency Solutions Gift Ideas

energy bar Energy bars - for starving emergencies.
chewing gum Chewing gum - for bad breath emergencies...
pain killers Pain killers - because work can sometimes be a pain...
stockings Stockings- if your recipient is a woman an extra pair is always a life saver.
tie Tie- in case of last minute neck-tie occasions and also a handy new job gift idea if this is your recipient's first "suited" job. Here are some real funny ones.


perfume tester

Deodorant / cologne / perfume - for the occasional fragrance challenging moments (e.g. when your recipient discovers she/he forgot to apply deodorant this morning).
Tip - for an on-budget gift, ask for mini size perfume/cologne spray testers at beauty stores. They are perfect for this gift basket and won't cost you a cent.


Desk Related Gift Ideas

note pad Notepad and pen - always a useful new job gift idea. Especially when it's your recipient's first day and stationary is nowhere to be found yet... You can even go the extra mile and get him/her a personalized notepad with their name on it.
pencil holder Pencil holder - you can leave it empty, use it as your gift basket container or fill it in with pens and pencils. Some even double function as a desk clock.
pen Fancy pen
sticky notes Sticky notes - one can never have too many of these.
mobile phone stand Mobile phone stand - like this cool water tap one.
frame Photo frame - you can place a picture of your recipient's loved ones in it for these home-sick moments.
calculator Calculator - I know every PC and phone has a built-in one. But let's face it, for a quick calculation, a small desk calculator is the best.


PC Related Gift Ideas

mouse pad Mouse pad - a little too trivial? spice it up by designing it yourself.
memory stick USB flash drive (memory stick)
usb port splitter USB port splitter
fan USB fan - if your recipient is always hot.
usb gloves USB heated gloves - if your recipient is always cold.
pc decoration PC screen decorations - like this one to make your recipient smile.
mouse pad wrist rest Wrist rest - for agronomic support of mouse holding hand.


Dining Related Gift Ideas

take away food Restaurants- look up restaurants close to your recipient's new working place on the internet. Print out their take away menus and any coupons they may offer. Or even purchase one of their gift cards and add it to your gift basket.
mug Mug - with recipient's name printed on it (you can easily order one here) so she/he'll always have a personal cup ready for coffee / tea.
sfork Sfork - a unique design of spoon, fork and knife in one. A great gift idea for people who eat at the office. You can even write your recipient's name on it to make sure no one else uses it.
lunchbox Lunch box - if your recipient brings homemade lunch to work, you can get her/him an insulated lunch box that keeps food warm/ cold.


Commuting Related Gift Ideas

audio book Audio book - if it's a long way to your recipient's new work place, he/she can utilize it to catch up on their reading with an audio book gift. Not only will they expand their horizons, but the way to /from work will seem much shorter this way. You can buy them a downloadable audio book , a CD audio book, or you can also get them an audio book monthly membership subscription. For an on-budget gift, check out this variety of free audio books for download.
music cd CD music collection - if your recipient is not into reading put them in the right mood for work with a collection of songs you pick just for them and burn onto a USB flash drive or CD.
car driver gift basket idea

Car driver kit - if your recipient will need to drive a long way to his/her new job, put together a driver gift basket to make his/her drives pleasurable (click here to find out more).

pass Public transportation pass - if your recipient commutes to work by public transportation.


Other Job Related Gift Ideas

clothes hanger Clothes Hanger - so your recipient has a proper place for hanging jacket / coat.
stress ball Stress ball - because every job has its stressful moments.
laser pointer Laser pointer - a useful gift idea if your recipient is giving lectures as part of his/her new job.
shredder Mini shredder - to quickly discard of whatever needs discarding...
business card case Business card case- for your recipient's brand new business cards.
comb Hair brush / Comb - always good to have. Especially when combined with a pocket mirror.

Cookies - to hand out to everyone (help your recipient gain popularity on the first day wink )

Champaign Bottle of bubbly - Wine, Champaign or other sparkling beverage plus a couple of glasses to toast the happy occasion.
magazine Magazine- a copy of magazine relating to your recipient's new line of work (architecture, engineering, finance, technology, education etc), or a subscription to one.
book Book - a book relating to your recipient's new job, or a book that will help your recipient succeed at his/her new job.

Want to splurge some more? how about a

brief case Leather Bag / briefcase
laptop case Laptop carrying case/bag
perfume Full size perfume / cologne
foot rest Foot rest - very helpful for "height challenged" people who spend long days in front of the computer.

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