Great Music Lover Gifts to Include in
a "Musical" Gift Basket

 music lover gift basket

The below Music lover gifts will make a gift basket any music lover would love to receive!. Whether he/she loves listening to music, plays a musical instrument, works in a music related job (a great gift for music teachers) or just loves to sing in the shower.

have a look at the gift ideas below, get the ones you like the most and put together a cool gift basket for music lovers.

Music Lover Gift Basket Ingredients

basket cd boxbag with speakersContainer - Basket, CD storage box, bag with built-in speakers (see below).
earphones Earphones - an essential music lover gift. Ranging from trendy small earphones in all shapes and colors which are great for MP listeners, to heavy duty professional ones for home stereo listeners, DJs etc. I recommend you go for earphones with volume control if available.
speakers Portable speakers - enable music lovers to share their music with the people around them. The stronger ones require power outlet and others just plug into the music source.
bag with speakers Bag with Built-in speakers - a cool item, especially for students or people who go on picnics. Can double function as a gift container.
earphone splitter 3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter - enables plugging two sets of earphones to the same device so two people can enjoy the same music a the same time.

fm transmitter FM transmitter - a great little gadget for music lovers with a car stereo. It transmits music from your plugged in memory stick / SD card / MP player to a radio channel of your choice. You simply tune your radio to your chosen channel and listen to your music through your car's stereo. By the way, if your recipient still has a cassette player in the car, there's also a cassette adapter for car stereos.
mp MP (media player) - if your music lover doesn't have a media player yet, Why not get him one and upload some of his/her favorite music on it (see below)? No need to spend a fortune on one. There are some inexpensive MPs in the market that are fully functional.
music disc Music - the most important element in a music lover gift basket! Get the latest album of the recipient's favorite artist or a collection of his/her favorite music genre. You can also download and create a personalized collection yourself legally and for free (see for example this link to Amazon's free downloadable music and another one for free classical music at Musopen ). If you are not sure what your recipient's taste is you can get him/her a gift card in music stores, Itunes, Amazon etc.
CD box CD rack/ storage box - music lovers tend to collect music albums, if your recipient collects CD albums you can get him/her a CD rack or CD storage box that can double function as this gift's container.
electric piano Musical instrument Gadgets - a roll-up electric piano or drum kit are portable and foldable mats imitating the real thing. Some come with built-in speakers and other hook up to the computer.
musical instruments Musical instruments - Include a small musical instrument along with instructions on how to play it. For example a recorder flute (here are instructions for playing Marry had a Little Lamb on a recorder flute), harmonica (here are harmonica instructions for beginners), a miniature drum or even a guitar.
record player Vinyl records/cassette tapes digital converter - for music record/cassette collectors who want to enjoy their collection in a digital format. Also called "USB turntables".
tickets Concert tickets - if you know what your recipient's musical preferences or favorite artists are and you can afford it, this is one of the best music lover gifts to give.
karaoke set Karaoke set - for those who love listening to music but also like to be heard...
shower radio Shower Radio - a water resistant radio to hang in the shower for those who want to hear music even when they are in the bathroom.

more ideas for music lovers who also play an instrument:

music book Sheet music - Get sheet music books by instrument or print out favorite pieces yourself. Check out the amazing website featuring free music sheet notes for every instrument and level.
sheet music stand Sheet music stand - for easier music notes reading (unless your recipient is playing the piano).
clip Sheet music clip - to hold the sheets in place when playing (you can include a nice looking peg instead).
metronome Instrument accessories - A Metronome, guitar string set, drum sticks etc. depending on the instrument your recipient plays.
music tshirt Music related items - music themed gift items such as shirts, hats, ties, mugs, wallets, key chains, stickers, lighters and others. See an inspiring collection of such items here.

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