Movie Gift Baskets
for Indoor and Outdoor Movie Lovers

Movie gift baskets are great gifts for movie lovers of all ages, whether they like watching movies at the comfort of their own home (within the holy couch-fridge-TV triangle), or at the cinema.

Choose some or all of the below ingredients for a great movie themed gift!

Movie gift basket ingredients

gift basket popcorn boxfilm reel box Container - basket, popcorn box, film reel box.
3D glasses 3D glasses - with more and more 3D movies coming out, it's nice to have a personal pair of 3D glasses, rather than use the cinema's worn out ones.
tissues Tissues - very handy for emotional movies, especially if your recipient is a woman wink .
popcorn Popcorn - the classic movie themed gift basket ingredient. Throw in a variety of microwave popcorn packs in different flavors, or packs of pre-made popcorn (better to buy than make yourself since homemade popcorn won't stay fresh for very long). For a funny touch make a popcorn necklace by threading popcorn pieces on a string (use a large needle) and tying the ends together.
popcorn maker Popcorn maker - get a microwave or an electric popcorn maker and put it in the basket along with a pack of corn for your recipient to pop.
snacks Snacks - with all due respect to popcorn other snacks are also important items in a movie gift basket. Add classic cinema snacks such as M&Ms, jelly beans, crisps etc.
drink bottle Beverage - with all these snacks and popcorn your recipient is bound to be very thirsty.
DVD Movie DVD - another movie gift basket classic. Choose a movie depending on the recipient's taste and your budget. Older DVDs tend to be cheaper and there are some cool cult movies out there. I would go for a classic DVD that is fun watching over and over again. Here are a few of my favorites: Mama mia! (The movie), the godfather, Seinfeld (any season), Thelma and Louise, The Usual Suspects, Bridget Jones, Memento. For more inspiration check out this 100 greatest films list.
rental subscription card DVD rental subscription - if there's a DVD rental store close to the recipient's house you can buy a subscription there. Another alternative is to get a mail rental subscription where you rent online and receive/return DVD by mail. It is not as immediate as going to the rental store but it is far more convenient. If your movie lover likes to download his/her movies, there are subscriptions for this type of service too (Blockbuster features both options).
movie tickets Movie tickets / subscription - for the outdoor movie lover get a couple of movie tickets. For a more flexible option get a cinema gift voucher instead. Want to splurge some more? Some cinemas offer cinema subscription cards. What's better than giving a movie lover unlimited access to movies?
babysitter Babysitting - if your recipient has young children and you included movie tickets/voucher/subscription in your gift basket, you can also add self-made babysitting coupon/s (see free printable coupons page) that the recipient will redeem with you (quantity depends on how much you like to babysit). If babysitting is not your cup of tea you can include a list of optional babysitters + phone numbers instead.
magazine Movie magazine - for your movie lover to make an educated decision on which film he/she is going to watch next (while you are babysitting perhaps?).
trivia game Movie trivia game - for devoted movie lovers. You can buy a movie trivia game or print out your own trivia cards. Here is a movie trivia website with many movie questions and answers ), and here is another one with trivia questions by categories.
TV blanket TV blanket - for stay-at-home movie lovers.
cardigan Cardigan - for go-to-the-cinema female movie lovers (such as myself) who freeze to death in air-conditioned Cinemas.
movie related items Movie related items - movie clapper board (the actual prop or a clock / mouse pad / keychain / other item shaped like one), director chair (with your recipient's name on it), director megaphone etc.
poster Film Poster -if you know your recipient's favorite movie you can include its movie poster in your gift basket (more suitable for the younger crowd. I doubt grandma would hang a poster of Gone with the Wind in her living room...).

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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