Make A Gift Basket - Instructions

Have your gift items, container and supplies all ready? Let's make a gift basket!

Tip!: before starting please read this page to make sure you have all you need.

(If you want to use a bag as a gift basket container, have a look at these illustrated instructions.)

Place all your gift items, wrapping supplies and container on a table in front of you.

Arranging your gift basket

The first step to make a gift basket is to insert a filler into the basket or container (see the supplies page for more details). The filler will give gift items height. This is not necessary (but still a nice option) if your container is flat (like a tray) or closed (like a bag).

Stick the tallest gift item at the back of the container for the smaller items to lean on. If your container is flat, like a tray, start off with the widest item at the back so that it forms a "wall" to lean other items against.

Proceeding from back to front, place the rest of the items in the gift basket by size -larger first and smaller later, until you placed all the items in the gift basket.

Wrapping your gift basket

Cut a piece of ribbon in advance (around 50 CM or 20 Inches approximately) and place it close to you. You will need it in a minute.

If you are using cellophane paper:

  • Lay a sheet on the table and place the full gift basket in the middle of the sheet, facing you.


  • Slide the gift basket a little to the back so that 2/3 of the sheet are before it and 1/3 is behind.


  • Pick up all 4 corners of the cellophane sheet and gather them together in a diagonal towards the top back part of the gift basket.

If you are using a cellophane bag:

  • Open the bag gently and roll it down like a sock.


  • Place the gift basket inside the cellophane bag facing you.


  • Straighten the bag and bring the edges together.

Hold the cellophane paper in a “strangling” position above the gift basket in one hand making sure you caught all the edges and that the gift basket is mostly covered.

Use the ribbon you prepared in advance, to tie it around the cellophane paper with your other hand.

If you are using cellophane sheet check for any loose sheet ends and tape them using sticky tape while stretching them towards the back side of the gift basket.

Cut a few more ribbons and tie them around the initial ribbon, add a bow or decorate in any other way you like. If you don't have any decorations at home try making this easy paper flower from tissue / crepe or even toilet paper.

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