Last Minute Gift Ideas Anyone Would Love to Receive

A unique gift basket is an excellent choice when you have time to prepare it.

However….sometimes what you really need is a last minute gift idea :

  • A gift you can come up with in 10 minutes or less.
  • A gift that you can put together from the comfort of your home (no physical shopping involved)

and yet…

  • A personal gift idea that will dazzle your giftee and won't give away the fact thought of it at the last minute.

We have all been there, right?

So here are some cool last minute gift ideas for you to choose from. Hope you'll find them handy. I sure did.

Last minute gift ideas perquisites

  • A credit card

  • Access to the internet

  • Printer (optional)

Magazine Subscription gift idea

I just love magazines! The smell of the shiny chrome paper, a glimpse to another world, an escape from daily life without too much of a commitment (unlike a full blown book).

Did you know there is a magazine out there for almost any topic you can think of?

Simply pick one of your recipient's interests or hobbies and find a magazine about it. It's a simple as that!

Does your recipient love knitting? Get him / her a gift subscription for a knitting magazine .

Do they love the outdoor? A travel magazine can be perfect gift idea for them.

Have they started learning how to play the guitar? There are magazines on that too.

You get the idea….

Many magazines have both printed and digital versions so you can choose what type of subscription you want to gift.

Write your recipient a card telling him/her that their gift is in the mail / email and there you have it!

A last minute gift idea in under 10 minutes.

Tickets to a concert / show

If you know your recipient well enough to know that they really really really want to go to a certain show / rock concert / play / exhibition / anything else that requires tickets, why don't you surprise them with tickets for it?

You can order tickets for almost anything online and many venues let you print out the tickets as soon as you purchase them.  So all you need is a credit card and a printer and you are all set!

If you are going for this gift idea, I'd recommend getting a pair of tickets as many people prefer to go to a show with someone, but hey!  You can be that someone!!

Cinema Subscription gift idea

If your recipient enjoys movies and there's a cinema nextdoor to him / her that offers a movie subscription, check if it can be purchased online and get one for them.

Print out the subscription and throw in a bag of microwave popcorn if you have one at home.  And voila! A last minute gift idea I would personally love to get (with or without popcorn).

If your recipient has young children and you are up for the challenge, you can complement your gift with a free babysitting coupon offering your services as a babysitter.

Indoor movie subscription

If your recipient loves movies but can't / doesn't like to go to the cinema you can get her / him a subscription to an streaming movie service such as Netfilx or Hulu.

Just check first that  your recipient has a good internet connection and did not subscribe to these services already….

A night out gift idea

This last minute gift idea is actually a delayed gift. You are letting your recipient know now that you thought of them but they actual gift will follow later.

Book a table at a restaurant your recipient loves. If you know they can commit to a specific date you can even pre – purchase tickets to a movie that will follow dinner.

Prepare a card / print out this coupon to let them know of the upcoming plan and give it as the gift.

When the due date arrives your gift will be paying the expenses of this great night out.

A special day out

This is my all-time favorite gift to give and to receive. It's the perfect gift for a recipient that you are in close terms with (your best friend, significant other, a close family member).

In fact, I cherish this gift idea so much, i decided to dedicate a separate page for it -

here it is.

It was originally created as a birthday gift idea but it is great for any occasion with someone you really love to spend time with.

I keep updating this page with more last minute gift ideas as soon as I think of them so stay tuned and come back to visit.

If you have last minute gift ideas you want to share, drop me a note and I'd be happy to add them here.

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