Knitting Gift Basket Idea

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A knitting gift basket is a perfect choice for knitting masters as well as complete newbies.

It is extremely easy to put together (see why below) and most items in it are very cheap so it's an excellent on-budget choice.

Personally I've always thought knitting is such a relaxing hobby and aspired to be a knitter myself.

Unfortunately, despite trying to learn this craft several times over the years, the best I came up with was a few yarmulke looking crochet projects in different sizes (although they did not start as ones...). And two needles knitting? forget about it!

My last attempt was a couple of years ago together with my daughter who was 9 at the time. We set together with the same instructor and 15 minutes later my daughter had 3 nicely knitted rows on her needle while I had this weird looking mess hanging from mine. That's when I called it quits.

Of course I am a really bad example (as my daughter proves). Most people pick up knitting quickly and enjoy it tremendously.

See the below gift items you can include in a knitting gift basket. Of course you do not have to include them all. Yarn and knitting needles are the most important ones, the rest are at your discretion.

Knitting gift basket ingredients

baskettot bagshopping bag Container - basket, re-usable shopping bag, tote bag. It will double function both as your gift's container and also as a storage place for all knitting items. It will be especially useful if this knitting gift basket goes to an experienced knitter who has many knitting related items but doesn't have a place to place them all.
yarn Knitting yarn - a whole world of its own. There is an endless variety of colors and fiber types, go wild! Suggestion: If you add knitting patterns (see below) to your basket, check the required amount of yarn and include it in your basket so your knitter can start knitting away as soon as he/she unwrap their gift basket.
knitting needles Knitting Needles - there are so many to choose from! Straight needles, double pointed needles (DPNs), circular needles and not to forget crochet needles. To confuse us even more they come in different sizes and materials (bamboo, wooden, flexible plastic, aluminum). There is no right and wrong here. Every knitter has a favorite kind. If this is your recipient's first time go for a pair of single point straight needles made of any material. Let her/him try them out. If your gift goes to an experienced knitter, an extra pair of their favorite type is a great choice. Or you may want to dazzle them with an interchangeable knitting needles set (a set different size needles and detachable cords).
scissors Scissors
tape measure Tape measure
crochet needle Crochet hook - for crochet knitters and also useful for picking dropped stitches and finishing off garments.
pattern Knitting patterns - there are many free knitting patterns on the internet that you can print and include in your knitting gift basket (here is an example, and another one).If your recipient is a new starter, go for simple knitting patterns (scarf, envelope bag etc.). As for experienced knitters, you may want to challenge them with a more complicated pattern.
instructions Knitting instructions - essential for new starters. You can add a knitting book for beginners to your gift basket (see below) or print out instructions from the internet. You can also add a couple of links to video tutorials for computer savvy recipients.
needle Tapestry needles - large eyed needles used to sew garments parts together.
knitting stitch holder Stitch holders - used to put stitches on while knitting needles are needed elsewhere. Look like a giant safety pin.
knitting stitch markers Stitch markers - small pieces of plastic or beaded rings to hook onto knitting as markers for pattern changes etc. Cheap colorful hanging earrings can also be used for this purpose.
box Small plastic box - for keeping small items such as stitch markers and sewing needles in one place. You can use an empty camera film box or similar.
row counter Row counter - helps keep track of how many rows were knitted already. Definitely a big help when knitting a long and complicated garment. Fits in your palm or on the needle and works just like a regular counter.
needle sizer Needle sizer - a.k.a needle gauge. An extremely cheap yet useful gift idea for experienced knitters. Allows measuring needle size when it is rubbed off or isn't labeled on needle.
needle stitch keepers Stitch keepers - a pair of small cups connected by an elastic band to cover needles' sharp points in between knits. Prevents poking accidents and keeps knitting secure on needles when not in use. Stitch keepers come in different sizes so make sure you get the ones to match the needles you bought.
pompon makers Pompon makers - True, pompons are not an obvious addition to a knitting gift basket. But they are fun to make and can be used to decorate garments with. Include them in a beginner's gift basket for a quick and rewarding a sense of accomplishment (they are so easy to make!). You can buy ready-made plastic makers or create them yourself: cut a piece of cardboard into 2 identical bagel shaped rings (with a 1" hole in the middle).
hair clips Knitting clips - used to clip two parts of a garment together while sewing them to each other. Also used as knitting markers (see above). A few small size butterfly hair clips will do the job perfectly.
chart Yarn conversion chart - a chart to help calculate how much yarn is needed for a project. You can buy pocket size charts at knitting stores or print one from the internet (here are some from Pinterest).
head flashlight Head flashlight - if your recipient's eye sight has seen better days (literally), add one of these flashlights that come with a head band to your Knitting gift basket. Your recipient will be forever grateful for this easy practical solution.
makeup brush case Needle case - experienced knitters own many knitting needles and can definitely use a case to store them all (especially those circular needles that tend to go wild). There are designated needle cases for that purpose. Alternatively you can convert a makeup brash case, a soft binder with plastic pockets, toiletries organizer or even a pencil case into a needle case. Just make sure the needles you bought fit in it.
magazine Knitting magazine - a copy of a magazine or a subscription to one. These magazines usually have plenty of knitting patterns in them to keep an knitter pretty busy for a while.
book Knitting book - an instruction book for new beginners or an advance pattern book for experienced knitters.
gift card Gift voucher - if your recipient is an experienced knitter you can never go wrong with a gift certificate to his/her favorite knitting supplies shop.

Knitting Gift Basket Assembly Instructions Note:

A knitting gift basket is extremely easy to put together since the yarn can act as the basket filler.

Simply put all the yarn balls at the bottom of the basket and place other items on top of them - larger items at the back and smaller items in front.

For more detailed instructions on how to put your gift basket together click here!

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