Items to put in an "improve over the years" anniversary gift basket?

by H
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I was wondering if you have any ideas for a 20 year wedding anniversary gift basket.
I was thinking about things that improve over the years like their marriage: wine, cheese, cigars, brandy, whiskey.
I can't think of any other items and wondered if you have any ideas?
Thanks much!

Dear H,
I love your idea to put together an anniversary gift basket with items that improve over the years. I think it will make a cool and unique gift basket.
Here are some concepts that i think improve over the years along with ideas for matching gift items:

o Sense of Humor – a comedy DVD, a book with jokes etc.
o Patience (in case it’s relevant for them) – a brain teaser puzzle.
o Real-estate – monopoly game, a miniature house, a certificate of a star named after the recipients.
o Antiques / classic car – buy a real antique if within budget or get a small replica of a classic car.
o Sex – sex toy or sex related card game, depending on how close you are to the recipients. I suspect some would find it rude (did you know there’s a game called XXXopoly? I just learned about it now).
o Amount of good memories – a photo album or a scrapbook for them to fill (see the scrapbooking gift basket idea for more inspiration).

And here are other 20th anniversary gift ideas you might find useful:

A bottle of wine that was bottled on their wedding year.

If you know how / where they met you can plan something relating to this location depending on where it was – a picnic at this location, a weekend if it’s further away, something that symbolizes it (a small statuette of the Eiffel tower if they met in Paris for example).

The traditional 20th anniversary gift material is china. Therefore you can include something made of china in your gift basket (depending on budget). Or give it a humoristic twist – include something from China (the country) like a gift certificate to a Chinese restaurant or chopsticks … (by the way the modern material for this anniversary is platinum in case you have an idea for a related gift).

The traditional flower for 20th anniversary is aster- a beautiful purple flower. So you can give them 20 asters to mark each year of their marriage, an aster plant in a pot (I love this flower) or any items with aster painted/ printed on it.

20 pieces of items they would enjoy, to mark each year of their marriage: chocolates, cupcakes, scented candles, bottles of beer etc.

And if you want to create a truly one of a kind gift, you can design a couple of matching custom 20th anniversary T-shirts for this couple at Zazzle. It’s very easy to do and you can even include a picture if you want.

I hope you you’ll find inspiration in these tips and good luck with your gift basket.

All the best,

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Apr 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

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