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The inspiration for these house warming gift ideas came from helping my in-laws move house after over 40 years of living in the same place.

Just imagine the amount of stuff they accumulated over the years …. Loads of boxes of items, some of which they haven't even used yet. What gifts could they possibly need for their housewarming?..... not another set of cutlery, I can tell you that!

However when moving house there are some things you DO need regardless of what you had in your old place.

Here's a list of practical inexpensive house warming gift ideas  anyone who's moving house would love to receive:

House Warming Gift Ideas List

housewarming gift basket ideahousewarming gift basket idea


I have never met anyone who took their old doormat with them to their new place.  Yet it is one of the main items that's missing from the a home. Especially with tradesmen marching in and out of the new apartment/house leaving foot steps behind.

Check out these customizable doormats from Zazzle. You can print anything you want on them (click on pictures for more details).


If the housewarming gift is given close to the move, most likely your recipients will be living off takeaways as the kitchen is not yet in 100% working order – they haven't found all their kitchen utensils, their electric appliances might not all be in place yet. Nothing like a cooked meal, a set of coffee + mugs + cookies,  pastries, cake or any other food that you can't find at a seven eleven.


If cooking is not your strongest side and your recipients moved to a neighborhood that offers many takeaway options, how about collecting some takeaway menus for them + a small sachet with coins for tipping?

handyman stuff

Nails, hammer, leveler and other items to help hang stuff around the house can really come in handy when moving house.

If you have good hands and a drill, and your recipient has neither, one of the best house warming gift ideas you can give them is a coupon offering your services as their handyman for the day – offer them help in hanging their pictures, TV mount, toilet paper holder etc. It will cost you nothing (apart from time and patience) and will mean the world to them!

Order and Storage

Usually when moving house, the owners like to decorate their house according to their personal taste so I wouldn't attempt to get a decorative house warming gift unless I know their taste very well.  However, some items are very practical regardless of taste and can serve as excellent house warming gift ideas. I am talking about order and storage.  Here are a few gift ideas that can come very handy when moving house:

Over the door hooks: I love these because they don't require any drilling and therefore can be used immediately.

Clothes hangers: it is a known Murphy's law that you will always have more cloths to hang than hangers.

Storage boxes: can also serve as a container to the gift basket.

A "Growing" Housewarming Gift Idea

Pots and plants are classic housewarming gift ideas but let's give them a twist. How about a practical edible plant such as mint leaves, rosemary, cherry tomatoes or even a combination of a few herbs / vegetables in a planter?

mint tea housewarming gift idea

To make it even more special, "plant" some additional accessories in your pot to help utilize the plant. For example:

  • Mint leaves: a couple of tea cups + tea bags + tea spoons.
  • Basil and / or cherry tomatoes: pasta + wooden spoon + olive oil + garlic + onion +tomato paste + Parmesan cheese +recipe for  a pasta sauce with these ingredients.
  • Parsley :  sesame butter + garlic +  lemon + salt + recipe for homemade tahini.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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