Homemade Gift Ideas
for Cleaning Fanatics -
A Clean Freak Gift Basket

The "clean freak" gift basket is a great choice if your recipient loves (and lives) to clean.

It includes homemade gift ideas such as printable certificates as well as affordable cleaning equipment you can find in any store.

Any avid cleaner would love to receive such a gift basket full of items to help him / her fight the never ending battle against dirt.

"Clean Freak" gift basket ingredients:

Container: basket basket, bucketbucket, caddycleaning caddy.

Scrigit Scraper - this little gadget is probably the best value for money cleaning tool you can get for a clean freak. It's a scratch free cleaning tool that replaces your fingernails when cleaning small areas of flat and curved surfaces from candle wax to spatters of paint. If your recipient does not already own one he/she will be forever in your debt.

Stain removal book - stains are clean freaks' worst enemies. A permanent stain frustrates the hell out of them. Include such a book in your basket to help them defeat their rivals.

spotting kit Spotting kit - this kit made of chemicals to fight most types of stains, is as important to clean fanatics as a first aid kit is for the rest of us humans.

Packing tape - the ultra cleaning fanatics use such tape to collect hair left on bathroom floor after or in between "cleaning attacks". If your clean freak has not heard of this inventive cleaning technique you may introduce it to him/her by adding a note to the tape.

gloves Cleaning gloves - important to protect hands from detergents and excessive water usage.
lotion Hand lotion - a nourishing hand cream is essential to restore skin condition once cleaning attack is over.
gift card Nail care gift voucher - hands and nails are the first to suffer the consequences of all this scrubbing, rubbing and polishing. Therefore a manicure gift voucher is an excellent gift idea.
You can get one at a nail care salon, or if you know how to give a manicure yourself, here is a homemade gift idea - print and add this nail care gift voucher to your gift basket, inviting your recipient for a homemade manicure done by you!
detergent All purpose cleaning detergent - an "all-in-one" solution for various cleaning tasks.
detergent Other detergents - depending on your recipient's house features you can include windows detergent, floor detergent, carpet shampoo, wooden floor detergent etc.
spray bottle Spray bottle - your recipient can fill it with his/her favorite detergent and spray it around.
cloth Microfiber cloth - microfiber cleans and absorbs so well, it's a wonder how we got along before it was invented. Include an assortments of microfiber rags, cloths and even a microfiber dust mitten in your gift basket..
sponge Magic sponge - this extremely affordable white sponge easily cleans and removes stubborn stains from smooth surfaces. Just soak it in water and lightly rub the surface.
wipes Anti bacterial wipes - for the occasional toilet seat or sink wipe in between cleaning sessions.
paper towel paper towels - great for window cleaning and so much more.
cleaning award Cleaning award - a printable homemade gift idea to express how impressed you are with your recipient's cleaning (click the icon for a full size document).
cleaning sign "Shoes off" door sign - this one is a homemade gift idea requesting visitors to take off shoes before setting a foot in your recipient's home. Print it, laminate and add a string for hanging.
Squeegee Squeegee - always useful wherever water is involved.
duster Duster - if not used for cleaning it can always be used for a good tickle...
brushes Scrubbers/ sponges - a clean freak can never have too many of these.
Scent freshener Scent fresheners - to place in the toilets, bathroom or anywhere else in the house for a great fragrance that goes well with cleanliness.
utility brush Utility brush
brush and dustpan Brush and dustpan
aprons Maid's apron - or any other kind of apron to protect clothes while cleaning.

Want to splurge some more? how about a

Cordless hand vacuum cleaner - this chargeable handheld vacuum cleaner is a clean freak's best friend, always ready to eliminate any spills or other mishaps.

Vacuuming robot - you turn it on, walk out the door and it vacuums the whole house for you while you are away - the perfect helper. Personally it changed my life :-).

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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