How to Make a Waterproof Homemade  Car Seat Cover in 10 Minutes

This homemade car seat cover idea is part of the swimming, running, cycling and general sports gift basket ideas.

However I originally I came up with it as part of my own personal necessity.

My younger daughter attends after school swimming classes, and during our 3 months of winter, the last thing I want is to have a damp car seat after picking her up from swim class.

Well, there are worse things that can happen of course but I won't go into it here ;-).

Anyways, I looked for a waterproof car seat cover in stores but couldn't find any. I checked ebay and Amazon but the waterproof car seats I found were too expensive for me to order and take the risk of not receiving what was hoping for.

So I ended up folding a towel and placing it over my passenger car seat when picking my young one from class. Sometimes it worked, other times - especially when the ride home took longer,  not so much.

Then one day while I was strolling through IKEA during their semi annual sale, my eyes laid on the shower curtains display and then it it me - what is a shower curtain if not a waterproof car seat cover waiting to happen?!

I got the cheapest shower curtain I found (under 4$), some elastic band and marched back home (after picking some more items on my way to register of course...) to create my own waterproof homemade car seat cover.

Here is how i did it:

homemade car seat cover - Instructions

You'll need:

homemade car seat cover - ingredients
  • a shower curtain - you can get the cheapest, smallest one you can find as all shower curtains are larger than the average car seat. The one I got was 180cm by 200cm (71"*79").

  • Elastic band - I got a 10 meter / 32 inches band to be on the safe side and ended up cutting some off as my car seat is relatively small.

  • Scissors

  • Hole puncher (optional).



Cut the shower curtain to fit car seat width + approx 10 cm / 4 inches on each side. I simply cut my 200cm wide curtain in half and it was a perfect fit.

homemade car seat cover - step 1


Use the hole puncher to make holes in the 3 sides that don't have "built in" holes. If you don't have a puncher, you can use delicate scissors to do the same (you can use the existing holes to measure the gap between the holes you are going to make).

homemade car seat cover - step 2


Make sure your holes are not too close to the edge of the curtain so they don't rip.

homemade car seat cover - step 3


Once you are done cutting holes around the curtain, start threading the elastic band through them.

homemade car seat cover - step 4

Simply thread up and down until you reach the starting point.

homemade car seat cover - step 4


When you are done, tie the ends of the elastic band together.

homemade car seat cover - step 5


Now go to your car with your new homemade car seat cover to make the final adjustments by fitting it around your car seat and readjusting the knot accordingly.

And there you have it! your own waterproof homemade car seat cover for less the 5$!

Here is the final result. Excuse the quality of the photo as I am not a professional photographer (I didn't realize how difficult it is to take a photo of a car seat without breaking the front window...)

homemade car seat cover - result

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