Holiday Gift Basket Ideas -
a Holiday Survival Kit

If you are looking for holiday gift basket ideas for the entire family, check out this idea for a holiday survival kit. It's the perfect solution for any family, any holiday and any budget!

For most of us, holidays are all about family gatherings, festive dinners, quality time with our loved ones, but also traffic jams to/from dinner, excessive eating and an over all feeling of a couch potato (unless you are the host...)

The below inexpensive items handle all these aspects and more...

Holiday survival gift basket ingredients:


Container: basket

stain remover

Stain remover - because someone is bound to stain his/her clothes with chocolate/red wine/gravy/other colorful culinary ingredient.

ear plugs

Ear plugs - because sometimes it gets too much to handle! include a pair for each family member.

music cd

Music collection - something to listen to on the way to / from family dinner. Put together a song collection and burn it onto a CD.


Bottle of wine - a classic holiday gift basket idea. Helps getting in right mood for a family gathering (you might want to go for a bottle with a higher alcohol % depending on your recipient's family...).


Children's toys - include one small toy per child such as a coloring book, miniature car, marbles, yo-yo etc. For older children you can include a teen magazine, virtual Itunes gift card, inexpensive perfume/ cologne, movie gift voucher etc. Attach a sticker with the child's name to each toy, to avoid arguments.

tea bag

Herbal tea bags - to help digesting these heavy holiday dinners (camomile and fennel do the trick well).


Antacids - some Alka Seltzer or any other heartburn antacids to help handle the after affects of a heavy dinner.

Classic movie - include a classic family movie DVD for the entire family to watch after dinner.

homemade movie

Homemade movie - a unique holiday gift basket idea for those who feel creative. Collect some family home video clips you took this year and make a movie for everyone to enjoy.

Ball - all these family dinners tend to be heavy on the waist. Nothing like a ball game for family bonding and a bit of exercise.

homemade memory game

Family card/box games - for some quality family time. You can buy a game or prepare your own customized one yourself. See this easy to make memory card game for example.


A Penny - in order not to remain penniless after buying all these presents...

host award

Medal / award - if this gift basket is for the hosts, include a gold like medal (chocolate one for example) or this host recognition award acknowledging their efforts and hard work. You can also include a manicure or a massage voucher.

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