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Graduation Gift Ideas

"Every new beginning comes from
some other beginning's end."
        -Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Roman philosopher)

Graduations are so much fun! They celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new and exciting one.

And so are graduation gift ideas: they can help capture the period that has just ended, equip the recipient with essentials for the new beginnings that are yet to come, or simply help him/her relax and unwind after all this hard work, before the next challenge.

Here are some cool inexpensive graduation gift ideas covering all these themes. Simply scroll down and choose one or more gift ideas that best fit your recipient.

Graduation gift ideas celebrating the end of an era

Scrapbooking kit

Your recipient probably collected many memorable items from this period in her/his life: pictures, notes, standout exams, photos, tickets etc.

This scrapbooking kit will equip her/him with everything they'll need to capture all these memories into a beautiful scrapbook. And a great thing about this gift is it can also be used for the new exciting period yet to come.

Inexpensive Graduation gift items

Anyone who completes a long, hard journey will be proud to "wear it on his/her sleeve" / chest / head / car bumper or anywhere else.

Help your recipient "Show off" his/her hard-earned new status with items pointing out this great achievement. It can be anything from a bumper sticker to a T-shirt. Here are some cool examples:

Fun items under $6
Funny Hats
Cool T-shirts
funny mugs
  more graduation mugs

Relax and unwind graduation gift ideas

Do nothing

After all this hard work most students just dream of doing absolutely NOTHING. Help them achieve this sublime goal by giving them a couch potato gift basket. This way they can stay put for as long as they want while all their wishes are being fulfilled (as long as they don't need to use the restroom).

Do fun things

If your recipient is a bit more active than a couch potato you can provide him/her with a gift basket for a fun activity.

If he/she is into movies you can put together a movie gift basket containing everything they'll need for an indoor or outdoor movie night.

If graduation falls on summer time where your recipient lives, you can come up with a beach gift basket that's great for sea side or pool side - as long as there is water around.

Recipients who love sports will finally have time to work out now that they have graduated, so put together a sports gift basket relating to their favorite sports, whether it's swimming, running, cycling or even yoga.

These sporty gift basket ideas can also be good if your recipient has gained weight during those junkfood study nights (just be careful they won't be offended by your suggestive gift...).

Prepare-for-the-future graduation gift ideas

These gift ideas have to do with what your recipient is planning on doing after graduation (and after making the most out of the "relax and unwind" mode of course).

If your recipient is about to move out on his/her own for the first time whether it's to college or to a rented place, you can give them a moving out gift basket containing everything they'll need to survive without mom's/dad's cushioned support.

If your recipient is about to live with roommates for the first time but wakes up from the slightest sound, save him/her with this "light sleeper" gift basket.

If it's time for your recipient to start looking for a job, you can give her/him a gift to support the process, or combine some gift items into a...

"Job Hunt" gift basket

KEY TO SUCCESS zazzle_keychain "Key to success" key chain- you can place key or ring shaped candy onto it
"Born to make a difference" motivation sticker
tiestockings Dress for success essentials - It's not a secret that first impressions make a big difference when it comes to job hunting. So here are some apparel gift item suggestions:
A tie for a man. Sheer pantyhose or stockings for a woman. For a higher budget, a pair of pretty classic earrings or necklace for a woman, or watch for a man are also great gift ideas. If you think your recipient is in need for a proper suit or shoes how about giving her/him a gift card to an appropriate clothing /shoe / department store?
perfume Perfume / cologne - smelling for success is just as important. Get your recipient a full size perfume /cologne or if you are on a limited budget, get a free spray sample of a perfume/ cologne from a beauty store instead.
resume resume writing book / course /consultation
book job finding guide
book A book about conducting successful interviews
stationary Stationary - fancy letter paper, envelopes and stamps to mail out resumes (yes, even in the internet era, mailing resumes has its merits).

And if your recipient is just about to start her/his first new job, go for a new job gift basket containing essentials for any working place.

Need even more gift ideas?

check out these gift ideas by hobby and by personality.

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