Golf Gift Basket -
a Golf Gift Set to Dazzle Any Golf Lover

Here are some great affordable golf gift ideas to include in a golf gift basket any golfer would love to have!

You don't have to be a golfer in order to come up with great gifts for golfers - golf enthusiasts gifts can be about more than clubs, wedges and putters as you will see below.

Get some or all of the below ingredients and put together
a great golf gift set!

Golf gift basket ingredients


Basket, golf bag, sports bag, golf gear organizer (see below), shoe bag (see below).

Golf Gift Ideas

golf balls Golf balls - a classic item in any golf theme gift basket. A golfer can never have too many of these.
golf ball retriever Golf ball retrievers - for retrieving golf balls without having to bend over.
swing weight Swing weight - a donut shaped weight to slide down a golf club. Great for warm up swings (helps loosening the back).
swing trainer Swing trainer - an elastic strap to be placed above the elbows. Helps keeping arms together during a swing.
golf ball tee Golf ball Tees - to place golf balls on.
golf grip kit set Grip Kit Package - including solvent and grip tape strips to replace worn out club grips.
golf divot tool Divot repair tool - a small fork like tool to fix ball marks on grass (it is considered good golf etiquette).
folding stool Golf folding stool - for sitting while waiting for the others to take their turn. You can even personalize it with the recipient name.
sports socks Sports socks - cushioned, antibacterial, moisture absorbent socks with flat toe inseams can make a world of difference while on the golf course.
golf gloves Golfing gloves - durable soft gloves with a good grip and moisture resistance. Usually come in 3 sizes so make sure you know which size to get.
sports cap Sports cap - for sun protection and sweat absorbance.
sun screen Sun screen - for extra sun protection while on the course.
sun glasses Sun glasses - go for ones with high UV sun protection.
polo shirt Golf wear - polo shirts, golf shorts, sweaters, slipovers, belts, waterproof jackets, golf shoes etc. You can include such items in your golf gift basket if you know your recipient's size and style. Otherwise, include a gift receipt so the recipient can easily exchange the item if needed, or go skip this option and go for other items on this list.
towel Towel - a handy item in any golf gift basket.
deodorant Deodorant - in case of emergency while on the golf course on a hot sunny day...
golf gear organizer Golf gear organizer - a ventilated storage case with zipper designed to store golf gear essentials such as balls, Tees, shoes, gloves, towel and more. Can be used as a golf gift basket container.
shoe bag Shoe bag - for your golfer's trendy golfing shoes. Can also be used as a golf gift basket container.
beverage cooler Beverage cooler - a case made of insulating material, to keep beverage nice and cold while on the course.
sport water bottle Sports water bottle - for hydration before/during/after golfing.
energy bar Energy bars - snacks to keep energy up while on the golf course.
water mist fan Water misting fan - a battery operated mini fan with a small water tank. Fill it in with cold water, aim at your face and push the button - a reviving cooling misty breeze will surround you.
USB power car adapter USB power car adapter - to charge cell phone or other gadgets using golf cart lighter socket. Combine it with a 10 in 1 USB charging cable (a cable with 10 different adapters) to charge almost any device.
golf theme items Golf theme items - golf stress ball, golf ball/ golf club key chain, golf club shaped pen and any other golf theme accessories.
book Book about golfing
magazine Golf magazine - a copy of a magazine about golfing or even a subscription to one.
gift certificate Golf club gift certificate - Can be used for golf lessons, equipment purchases, golf course bookings etc.

Want to Splurge some more? how about a

golf GPS Golf GPS system
golf rangefinder Rangefinder - provides distance readings on the golf course.
membership Golf club membership
golf bag Golf Bag

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