Gifts For Runners - Runner Gift Basket ideas for Indoor/Outdoor Runners

If your recipient likes to jog or run here are some great gifts for runners to choose from.

Pick one gift or put together a gift basket with some or all of the below great gift ideas.

Runner gift basket ingredients

gift bakset gym bag laundry bag Container - basket, gym bag, laundry bag.
socks Running socks - cushioned, antibacterial, moisture absorbent socks specifically designed for running with flat toe inseams are one of the most practical gifts for runners.
smelly shoe Shoe odor eliminators - shoe spray, shoe powder or shoe fresheners that are placed inside the shoes in between practices are of benefit not only to the recipient but also to the surrounding people...
car seat cover Car seat covers -waterproof removable covers that protect car seat against odors and moisture after a sweaty workout.Here are instructions for making a homemade waterproof car seat cover in 10 minutes if you want to make one yourself.
sport water bottle Sports water bottle - for hydration before/during/after workout.
energy gel Energy gels - small gel packs full of energy boosters to be consumed during workouts. Get an assortment of energy gels in different flavors.
energy bar Energy bars - for after workout.
waist pack Running waist pack - for carrying gear (water, cell phone, gel packs, MP, money etc) during workout.
arm strap Storage arm strap - a smaller storage option. Practical to carry essentials such as MP, car keys, credit card, money etc.
shoe wallet Shoe wallet - if your recipient doesn’t like being “strapped”, a shoe wallet is a great storage alternative. This cool small item is shaped like a pocket and is fastened to a shoe. Good for the smaller essentials such as money and car keys.
music Running music - a unique "homemade" gift for runners. Create an energetic collection of running songs to boost those who run solo (less useful for group runners).
earphones Earphones - to be used with MPs while running. Choose the water proof sports ones that warp around the ears, for durability and a steady grip.
earphone jack splitter Audio jack splitter - for runners who run in couples and like listening to music while running. With this splitter they can both listen to the same music from the same player.
headband Headband/ wristband - cotton towel bands worn around forehead or wrists to absorb sweat during workout.
sunglasses Sunglasses - look for sporty sunglasses with high UV protection that warp around the eyes for maximum sun blockage and a steady grip during workout.
glasses clip on Sunglasses clip-on - for outdoor runners who wear eye-glasses but don't have prescription sunglasses.
baseball cap Running cap - for sun protection and sweat absorbance.
sun screen Sun screen - for extra sun protection.
winter gear Winter running gear - if your recipient lives in a cold area, running gloves, fleece / wool hat / ski mask, neck gaiter, wind and water proof tops are extremely practical gifts for runners.
reflective vest Reflective gear - for any outdoor activity. Wrist and arm straps, vests, stickers and even shoe laces that glow in the dark. Definitely a life saving gift for runners.
head lamp Head lamp- for outdoor night runners who run on the countryside at night.
pepper spray Pepper spray - for protection against animals / people with bad intentions...
personal alarm Personal alarm - keychain shaped device evoking a high pitch sound to shock and disorientate an attacker.
id tag Runner ID tag - a durable ID card with runner's emergency information to wear around the neck, attach to shoe etc. You can order one or prepare one yourself by following these easy instructions including a free printable template.
plaster Blister treatments - blister shields, plasters and even gel-like toe caps to prevent foot blisters from developing. These are great gifts for runners especially if your recipient is training for a competition.
lip balm Lip balm - sun and wind can really dry your lips while running. A lip balm will help protect them.
deodorant Deodorant - workout, sweat, you do the math...
towel Towel - a very handy item in any sports gift basket for after workout.
laundry bag Mesh laundry bag - to stick all these sweaty workout clothes into.
toiletries Travel size toiletries - for indoor runners who use the showers at the gym after workout.
code lock Lock - for gym locker if your recipient runs in the gym. Get a code lock which is “key-free”.
book Book about running - a classic gift for runners.
magazine Runners magazine - a copy of a magazine about running or even a subscription to one.
foot massage Foot massage/ reflexology coupon - runners' feet take most of the heat during workouts. Why not reward them with a pampering massage? Include a foot / whole body massage gift voucher in your basket.

Additional ideas for Marathon / Long distance gifts for runners

jell Petroleum jell - a low cost yet practical gift for runners. Applying this ointment to inner thighs and men's nipples helps prevent jock itch and bleeding nipples during long distance runs. Two very unpleasant conditions runners want to avoid. For nipples there are even special stick-on nipple guards.
pace band Pace bands - wrist bands with pace/distance/time data to guide the runner during a marathon so he/she doesn’t run too fast (and hit the “wall”) or too slow (and won’t be able to make up for it).
fuel belt Fuel belt - a belt that wraps around the waist and holds several drinking bottles (depending on model). Practical for hydration during long distance runs.
protein drink powder Protein drink powder - helps the body recuperate after a long intensive workout.

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