Cool Gifts for Cyclists
to Include in a Gift Basket for
Road or Mountain Bike Riders

The cycling world is extremely diverse and so are the gifts for cyclists you can include in a gift basket for bicycle enthusiasts.

If your recipient is a cyclist or wants to become one, get some or all of the below ingredients and put together
a cool cyclist gift basket.

But first click here for 2 important questions before deciding which gifts for cyclists are the right ones for your recipient.

Cyclist gift basket ingredients


basket, sports bag, helmet, backpack (for mountain bikers- see below), Saddle bag (for road bikers- see below)

General Gifts for Cyclists

Multi tool - a small folding tool with different size hex keys and tool bits. One of the most useful gifts for cyclists for on-the-go repairs and adjustments (usually placed in the saddle bag along with the tire lever and tubes).

Bike tubes - a very cheap yet essential gift for cyclists (unless they have tubeless tires). Comes with short or long valves depending on the bike wheel.

Tire lever - another cheap yet irreplaceable gift for cyclists. It helps take the tire bead off the rim quickly and easily in order to fix a flat tire. Choose a plastic lever because the metal ones can damage the tube.

Patch kit - including glue, patches, sand paper and crayon (to mark the leak). Great for repairing a flat tire on the go if the hole is small or if there is no spear tube on site.

Pump - the smaller and the lighter, the better.

CO2 inflator - quickly inflates a flat tire with CO2 gas cartridges. Don't forget to get a couple of refills if they are not included with the inflator.

Tail light - a light which is mounted on bike's seat post facing backward for extra visibility and safety. Usually has a few operating modes (flashing, constant etc). Choose one with LED lights for power efficiency.

Buff / Bandanna - a neat gift for cyclists to place under helmet for sweat absorbance or around neck in colder weather conditions. they come in cool colors and patterns to match any personality.

Helmet - if your cyclist is a beginner and/or isn't impressed by manufacturer brands there are some pretty cool inexpensive helmets in the market. Tip: helmet visors are intended for mountain bikers (they block sight line for road riders due to riding position) so if you get one for a road rider, make sure the visor is detachable.

Riding gloves - they wear out pretty quickly and therefore make an excellent gift for cyclists as there is always need for an extra pair. For road bikers choose full or short finger gloves depending on weather conditions. For mountain bikers prefer full fingered ones for more protection.

Sunglasses - apart from sun protection, sunglasses also prevent cyclists’ eyes from tearing because of wind. And most important - they prevent dirt, bugs and other “in-fight” objects from getting in their eyes. This is crucial when riding because something in your eye can get you off the road/track in a split of a second. Go for sporty angled sunglasses for maximum coverage. Preferably with lighter lens colors so they can be used at dusk/dawn too.

Car seat covers - a perfect gift for cyclists if he/she drive before and after cycling. These waterproof removable covers protect car seat against odors and moisture after a sweaty ride.

Energy gels - small gel packs full of energy boosters to be consumed during intensive rides. Get an assortment of energy gels in different flavors.

Energy bars - good for after workouts to regain energy.

Sun screen - for sun protection during rides.

Sports ID tag - a durable ID card with the rider's emergency information to wear around the neck, attach to shoe etc. You can order one or prepare one yourself with these easy instructions and printable template.

Deodorant - workout... sweat... any sports related gift basket should include one!

Towel - another essential item in any sports related gift basket. There are even light foldable towels specifically designed for athletes.

Cycling related book

Cycling related magazine - a copy of a cycling magazine or even a subscription to one.

Body Massage gift voucher - all those aching muscles would love to receive a massage (you don't really need to workout to love this gift...)

Road bike specific gift items

saddle bag

Saddle bag - a small bag which is placed under the saddle and usually contains essentials and repair parts. This is the only storage “add-on” on a road bike which makes it a very practical gift for road bikers.

banana holder

Banana holder - bananas are considered a great natural energy booster but how can you keep a banana from getting all squashed while inside a shirt pocket? A solution was found in shape of a banana holder. Funny but true.

bottle cage

Bottle cage - attached to bike frame and holds water bottle. The lighter the better (the lightest ones are made of carbon).

sport water bottle Sports water bottle - for hydration before/during/after ride.
shoe wallet Shoe wallet - a light storage option. This pocket like wallet attaches to your shoe and is great for smaller essentials such as money and car keys.
sports shirt

Road bike clothing - bright reflective colored clothes to stick out on the road as a matter of safety. These include padded cyclists tights for more comfortable rides and cyclist shirts with multiple pockets as road cyclists put all their essentials in these pockets, no bags (especially good ones are shirts with an isolated pocket for cell phone so it stays dry).

Mountain bike specific gift items


Small backpack - preferably one with a sleeve for a hydration bladder (see below) and a frame to isolate backpack from rider's back for a more comfortable ride.

hydration bladder

Hydration bladder - a rubber or flexible plastic reservoir connected to a hose that can go straight to your mouth for hands free drinking. It can contain between 2-3 litters of water. Some backpacks already include one.


Mountain bike shorts - unlike road bike tights, mountain riders prefer casual looking padded shorts specifically designed for mountain bike riding.

first aid kit First aid kit- a small box filled with first aid essentials can be a handy gift for mountain cyclists with all these steep slopes and bumpy rides.
elbow and knee pads

Body protection - the more extreme your recipient's riding is, the more important it is that he/she protect their body against bumps and bruises. Include protective knee, elbow and even ankle pads in your gift basket.

Want to splurge some more? here are some higher budget gifts for cyclists:

GPS Bike mounted GPS system
heart rate monitor watch Sports watch with heart rate monitor

Tip: Before choosing gifts for cyclists there are 2 very important questions to ask:

1. Road or mountain bike? There’s a world of difference between road and mountain bike cyclists (as my cyclist friend put it to me: it’s like asking whether your recipient plays soccer or basketball...).
Road bike riding is all about travelling as light as possible to gain speed. You only carry what fits in your shirt pockets and your saddle bag.
Mountain bike (MTB) rides are all about "hanging in there" meaning tightly secured items and 2 hands on the handlebars at all times.
For your convenience, the gift items listed on this page are divided into general cyclist items (good for all types) and more specific items for each of the two categories.

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how pro is your cyclist? The more pro and gadget prone he/she is, the more they will appreciate a gift voucher from a specializing bike store for the more specialized accessories (helmets, bike parts and improvements etc). This way they can be as picky as they want when “accessorizing”. If that's the case leave them to choose the branded items and go for the peripheral accessories.

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