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Gift ideas for Women and Men who Want (or Need) to Declutter Their Lives

This life organizer gift basket idea was inspired by my dear friend Ayelet who asked me for a "household organizing kit" for her birthday.

Challenged by her request, I searched for gift ideas for women (or men) who struggle with their paperwork, appliances, house chores, obligations, "to-dos" and other life-cluttering issues. I came up with quite a few inexpensive practical ideas which I included in her gift basket. Here is what it looked like:

life organizer gift basket

My friend was thrilled with it! She found every single item extremely useful and especially loved the "what/when" magnetic chart. She said that on top of having a clear view of what's going on each day, after filling it in, it was finally clear who does everything around the house (turns out her name was the only one appearing against all house chores...).

So if your recipient likes an organized life, or lives in a total chaos and could do with some help, get some or all of the below items and put together a life organizer gift basket.

For a complete personal touch, add an instructions note for the items you include in your basket, or add a note to each item that needs some clarification as I explain below.

Life organizer gift basket ingredients

basket charging basket step basketpaper tray Container - basket, stair basket (see below), charging basket (see below), paper tray.
paper tray expanding file Short term paperwork storage - stop paperwork chaos before it begins! Include a set of paper trays (can also serve as a container) or an expanding desktop file in your gift basket. Label it with paperwork related categories such as banks, bills (electricity, cable, phone, water), municipality, education, work, pet, receipts, car etc.). This way as soon as a document is received, it can be placed in the appropriate tray/ section and once every few months, the accumulated documents can be filed painlessly (as they are already sorted) in the below item.
binder Paperwork filing Binder (long term storage) - get a large Binder and color plastic dividers. Using a permanent marker, label paperwork categories on each divider (see above item for examples). Label the binder "Paperwork 20xx -20xx" (leave blanks where the "x"s are).
manuals binder Manuals and Warranties Binder -File a pack of plastic sheet protectors (sleeves) in a large binder. Label the binder "Manuals and Warranties". Add a note explaining that whenever buying a new home appliance, recipient should insert its documents (manual , purchase receipt, warranty) into a sheet protector, and mark the appliance name on the protector using the permanent marker, for easy retrieval.
organizer Organizer - a gift idea for women or man that prefer old fashioned, hard copy calendar or appointment book to the electronic versions. Don't forget to add a pen.
Weekly organizer chart "What/When" chart- for recipients with children. This chart is designed to include everything a parent needs to know on a weekly basis. Simply print it out, laminate it and stick magnets on the back of it so it can be placed on the fridge door. Ask your recipient to fill it in with a whiteboard marker so it can be updated whenever needed. Chart data includes: daily snack for school and daily lunch to be prepared, after school activities, laundry duty, dish washing duty, pet duty and there is an additional blank line to be customized by the recipient. Surprisingly, when my 10 year old saw this chart on our fridge she VOLUNTARILY picked up the marker and wrote her name against some house chores - first time in our household! What a side benefit for me ;-).
event reminder calendar Event Reminder Calendar- Print this permanent calendar, laminate it and mark important dates on it (birthdays, anniversaries, yearly car checkups, bi-yearly dentist appointments and other repetitive tasks we tend to forget), or instruct your recipient to do so. It is recommended to hang this calendar on the inside of the restroom door or any other place people tend to stare at on a daily basis.
memo pad Grocery shopping list notepad - Include a magnetic notepad in your gift basket (or glue a magnet onto a regular notepad). Title it "We Just Ran Out Of...". Add a note to it instructing your recipient to write down any item he/she has just used up (milk, toilet paper, jam etc.). This way, whenever someone goes grocery shopping, an up-to-date shopping list is instantly ready (don't forget to attach a pen / pencil to it).
hole puncher Hole puncher
marker White board marker - to be used with the "what/when" chart and the Event Reminder Calendar
markers Permanent markers - useful gift ideas for women and men who want to keep track of their belongings (especially if they have children). Can be used to mark clothes, dishes, home appliances (I like to mark chargers with the name of the appliance the belong to), CDs and DVDs, the sheet protectors from the manuals binder above and many more.
door organizer Door organizer / Bowl - (or other container) so that coins, keys, cell phone and other stuff we put aside as soon as we walk in the door will have a permanent residence until the next outing.
charging basket Charging basket -an easy to make gift idea for women or men with many chargeable gadgets. Make a small hole on the side of a wicker basket for inserting charging cables through. Add a Power outlet splitter or a power adaptor with multiple USB ports and there you have it - a new home for all chargeable appliances in one basket. Add a note explaining what it is or your recipient would wonder why you gave him/her a defective basket as a gift ... Can also function as this gift's container.
wire holder Wire holders - keep wires under control. Great as an addition to the above charging basket.
step basket Step basket - for households with stairways. This basket is placed on the bottom/top step. Whenever there's an item that needs to go up/downstairs, place it in the basket, and the next time you go up/down, simply take the basket with you and "distribute" the items in it. Can be used as this gift basket's container.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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