Gift ideas for police officers to include in a "Thank You Day" raffle gift basket

by JulieKCG
(Macomb Michigan)

Please help me find ideas for a basket for our Policeman and Women, Police Dispatchers and our Deputies in my county. Its a fundraiser so the basket will be raffled off. I am a Thirty One Consaultant so I have all kinds of bags and baskets to use. Its for our "Thank You Day".

Dear Julie,
Here are some cool gift ideas for police officers you can include in a raffle gift basket:

Useful "on-the-job" gift ideas for police men/women:

  • Trunk organizer/ Duffel Bag - to carry everything needed while on duty in one convenient place. Can also be used as the gift basket container.

  • Thermos / thermal cup like this one.

  • Insulated lunch box - to keep meals fresh.

  • St. Michael charm / pendant/ key ring- being the patron of police, he is always good to have around.

  • Swiss army knife / Leatherman Multi-Tool.

  • Belt pouch for mobile phone / pager.

  • Police theme items such as a mouse pad, Policeman's prayer mug, funny key chain or tie etc.

  • Talking translator - useful when encountering foreigners who don't speak English (great for vacations too).

  • Good quality thin duty gloves.

  • Magazine subscription / a copy of weapon or other police work related magazine.

Relaxation time gift ideas for policemen/women:
Police work is very intense and stressful therefore hobby or vacation related gift items make excellent additions to a police thank-you gift basket. Here are a few options:

  1. Gift voucher to a nice restaurant.

  2. Weekend away voucher to a hotel, resort etc.

  3. Body massage voucher.

  4. Back/head massager (electronic or manual).

  5. Fishing gear.

  6. Golf gift basket or even membership to a golf club.

  7. Gym gift basket and /or a membership to a gym (more unisex than the above 2).

  8. Other sports theme gift baskets.

  9. Other hobby theme gift baskets.

I am sure you'll come up with a sensational gift basket any law enforcement person would love to get their hands on!

Good luck!

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