A Recharge Gift Basket
Full of Gift Ideas for Mom

I find the best gift ideas for mom don't need to be expensive or extravagant, they simply need to show you care.

Why? Because when it comes to mothers, it really is the thought that counts.

And what do moms really want?

  • To feel appreciated.
  • A little time for themselves.
  • A good night sleep or a decent nap every now and then.

Include these 3 ingredients in your gift basket and even the most worn out mom will instantly start to glow!.

Any of the below recharging gift ideas for mom can be given separately, or you can combine some / all of them into an energizing and pampering gift basket she will never forget!

Mom's Recharge gift basket ingredients:





Appreciation Gift Ideas for Mom:

Coupon book - make her wishes come true with a special coupon book just for her. Click the link to choose and print these coupon gift ideas for mom.

Queen for a day certificate - this printable certificate announces that mom is a queen for the day and therefore her humble servants shall do all house chores instead of her.

World's best mom award - another homemade gift idea for mom to show her how much she is appreciated. Print out this file and include it in your gift basket (here is a black and white version also).

Time for herself:


Bath products - bubble bath, essential oils, bath bombs, bath salts for a relaxing bath (without interruptions).


Women's magazine - to read while in the bath or anywhere else. Nothing like the promising smell of a fresh magazine straight from the nylons...


Tickets to a girls movie - a couple of tickets to a "chick flick" she can go to with her best friend. If she has young children, try to include the following item too.


Babysitting coupon - if you are up for it, offer your services as a babysitter by printing this babysitting coupon, or create one yourself.

nailcare gift voucher

Manicure/ pedicure gift voucher - give her a gift voucher to a nail care solon. Or if you've got what it takes, print out this gift voucher inviting her for a manicure / pedicure done by you.


Massage gift card

gift card

Day in the spa gift card

Sleep / relax:

music CD

Relaxing music - buy a CD with some soothing music and include it in your gift basket, or prepare a custom relaxing collection of your own.

ear plugssleeping mask

Ear plugs and eye mask - for a quiet rest while the rest of house is in chaos.

doos sign "Sleeping Session" Door sign - Download and print out this door sign warning noise makers to keep quiet while mom is taking her beauty rest (to download, right click the link, choose "save as"/ "save link as" and save onto your PC. Print, cut and laminate (you can also make two holes according to marks and tie a string for hanging).



Chocolates - emergency energy boosters and girls' best friends.


Coke / coffee - caffeine rich drinks for a quick energy rush when the going gets tough. Add a bottle of coke, quality coffee or even a gift card from her favorite coffee shop.

energy bracelet

Energy bracelet - an energy enhancer that does not involve additional calorie consumption...some people swear it really works.

Self help:


Bell / whistle - a prctical gift idea for mom - a way to get attention without shouting. Good for conserving energies.

Printed Tee-shirt - click on the link to order this cool Tshirt or if you know a place that prints pictures on Tee-shirts, have them print this design saying "I am on holiday. This is a hologram" on a Tee-shirt. If you are feeling crafty, you can decorate a Tee-shirt with your own pearls of wisdom.

stress ball

Stress ball - to take out frustration on (you can even go for a punch bag if there's some serious tension involved).

head massager

Head massager - to drive away headaches.


Perfume - a great gift idea for mom not only because it is an indulging gift. Taking a minute to smell an exquisite fragrance can fade away loads of tension. It works even better if you wear this fragrance all day long..


marbles A bag of marbles - in case mom feels like she is about to lose some (include a small note explaining what it's for or she'll think you lost your marbles).
magic wand

Magic wand - to make wishes come true (works well with coupon book suggestion above).


Crown - so she can feel like a queen (works well with the "queen for a day" certificate above).

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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