Gift ideas for men (and women) who'll do anything to stay put on their couch -
A Couch Potato Gift Basket

The below gift ideas for men and women are aimed at the couch potato species (what is a couch potato? Click here to find out).

Many couch potatoes are male, therefore the below ideas make excellent fathers day or birthday gifts for men. However it is not uncommon to find female couch potatoes too.

The below inexpensive practical gift ideas will make a couch potato's dream come true - they will enable your recipient to remain on his/her couch for eternity (except going to the restroom). Choose some or all of them to include in your gift basket.

If you are looking to spend some more money, check out this list at the bottom of the page.

Couch potato gift basket ingredients:




newspaper basket

breakfast tray

Couch potato coupon book - a perfect homemade gift idea for men (and women) who don’t like getting up from their couch.  With these coupons your recipient will be able to stay in his/her couch forever (restroom excluded).
But beware! Only give this coupon book to your recipient if you are willing to carry out the coupon instructions and you both live under the same roof.

Snacks and candies

Beer / soft drink

Beer bottle opener - in case you include a bottle beer in your gift basket.

TV guide - a recent copy or even a subscription to a TV guide magazine.

Takeout list - a telephone list of local restaurants with takeout delivery service, or a printed collection of their menus (usually available on their web sites).

Small change (for tips) -  if you include the takeout option above, you can add an envelope with small change to serve as tips when the takeout delivery arrives.

Remote controlled power switch socket- lets you remotely control any appliance you plug into this socket. An excellent gift idea for men and women who want to stay put and operate appliances at the same time (lamp, air-con, fan etc).

Back scratcher

Remote control holder - to neatly keep all these remotes in one place.

Comforter - in case you recipient gets cold.

Pillow - sitting for long periods of times can get uncomfortable... cushion it out.

Slippers - to wear around the house. If your recipient is always cold, you can even get him/her microwave heatable slippers.

Fly swatter - a manual or an electric one. Whatever it takes to eliminate those who dare to disturb a couch potato in action.

Whistle / bell - to communicate with other household members without getting up to look for them (as this might annoy the other residents of the house, think it over before including it).

Waste basket - to through away snacks wraps, cans, takeaway left over etc.

Foot rest - a foldable or inflatable foot rest you can fit in your gift basket. Or even a full size one if you are up to it.

Movie DVD - Choose a movie depending on the recipient’s taste and your budget. Older DVDs tend to be cheaper and there are some cool cult movies under this description you can choose from.

DVD rental subscription -get a mail rental subscription where you rent online and receive/return DVDs by mail so your recipient does not need to leave the comfort of his/her home.

Netflix/Hulu subscription - a subscription to unlimited movies and TV episodes over the internet. What more could a couch potato ask for?

Want to splurge some more?

Here are some other great gift ideas for men (and women)

Side table - to place all of the above essentials on.

Robotic lawn mower - an automatic mower that will mow the lawn while your recipient is watching his/her favorite show.

Universal remote control - this way your recipient does not have to strain him/herself finding and operating many different remotes.

Wireless headphones - help your recipient stick to his/her TV watching without interference even when the house is in chaos.

Electric back massager - your recipient can have a back massage while watching his/her favorite show on TV. That’s what I call multitasking...

Vacuuming robot - the same idea as the robot mower but this time for indoor cleaning efficiency.

Recliner - a classic couch potato gift idea for men / women.

What is a Couch potato?

"Couch potato" is a common species which can be found in almost any household. It's main activity is sitting or laying down in front of the TV, and it will do anything in its power to maintain this status.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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