Gift Ideas for Him - a Man's treasure Box

When my husband's birthday came up and I started looking for gift ideas for him, I found myself wondering:

what do men REALLY want?

Not sure what the right answer was (apart from the usual cliches...) I turned to the best resource I could think of - my husband (I told him i was doing research for my website).

Upon asking my question, he gazed at me with this "what do you want from me?" look and then it hit me!

It turns out the right question is not "what do men want?"

It's all about what they DON'T want! - that was my inspiration for the coupon book for him which started this gift basket idea.

Men don't want to be asked "what do you think" questions (just like the one I asked my husband), they don't want to be told to do stuff around the house, they don't want to be criticized about their behavior...

...basically they just want us (women mostly) to let them be.

To make sure I got the main idea right, I turned to my husband again. This time, his gaze transformed into hopeful smile. I double checked my findings with a few more male acquaintances who happened to be around. Yep, it turned out to be true.

Of course men DO like to receive stuff too. Check out the below list with plenty of gift ideas for him.

Pick an item as your gift or combine some of them into a manly treasure box any man would love to put his hands on!

A Man's Treasure Box Gift - ingredient list


Basket, treasure box, tool box, bucket (if including the car wash kit in the gift - see below).

If you go for a treasure box container, fill it in with some gold chocolate coins and a golden filler (see instructions page for more details on packaging).

Pampering gift ideas for him

coupon book for him Coupon book - the ultimate gift idea for him! print some or all of the coupons and create a coupon book any man would kill for. Print only the coupons you INTEND to fulfill to make this coupon book work...
king for a day certificate "King for a Day" certificate - print out this gift certificate and add it to your gift together with the below item. Be willing to fulfill any wishes your recipient makes on his special day.
crown Crown - goes well with the above certificate to symbolize the occasion. If you are really into it, throw in a cape and a scepter too!

Massage gift card - make an appointment for your recipient. Or if you know how to give a massage yourself, print out this coupon and invite your recipient to a "homemade" massage.

Dare to explore

sports car Test drive on his dream car - schedule a test drive with the nearest dealership of his favorite dream car (Porsche, Lamborghini...the sky is the limit). Check for any preliminary conditions when booking so that you come prepared on the test drive day. If you want to spend more, consider RENTING such a car for a whole day! (you can use these blank gift certificate to let him know what his gift is).
gift certificate Workshop - sign him up for a wine, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, race driving or any other theme workshop he might be interested in. If you are an expert in such a subject, give him a one-on-one workshop (use one of these blank gift certificates to "give" him your gift).
experience gifts Experience gifts - a one time experience in something he'd always wanted to try but never had the time/money/guts - paragliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, rock climbing, water skiing, you get the idea...

Grooming and appearance gift ideas for him

shaving Shaving kit - shaving cream, razors and even an old fashioned shaving brush. I noticed that while razors blades cost a fortune, the razors (handles) themselves are pretty inexpensive. Since a new model pops up every couple of months, you can treat your recipient to the newest razor and let him spend the big bucks on the blades if he likes it...
shower mirror Shower mirror- a mirror with suction cups to stick onto bathroom tiles. Allows shower plus shaving - a time saving 2-in-1 operation.
shower radio Shower radio - a water resistant radio to complete this hygienic gift section. So he can sing his lunges out while taking a shower.
socks Underwear and socks - when men shop for them, they usually grab the first item they see regardless of quality or looks. So treat your recipient with a trendy, high-quality pair of socks or boxer shorts.
shoe shine kit Shoe shine kit - black and brown shoe polish, shoe brush, shoe wax and a pack of wipes to clean up after. Even more useful once your recipient redeems his shoe shine coupon...
car wash kit Car wash kit -for men who treat their car as if it was an extension of their own body. Auto shampoo, windshield wipe, car polish, sponge, microfiber clothes, interior cleansing spray etc. This way you are fully equipped once the car wash coupon is redeemed by your recipient...

Time for himself

magazin men's magazine - a classic gift idea for him. Get him a copy of a men's magazine or a subscription to one. If your recipient has a special interest, get him a related magazine (automotive, running, finishing, knitting...).

Quality earphones - to let your recipient detach from everyday's hustle and bustle and immerse in his favorite music. Wireless headphones are also a great option.

subscription Netflix subscription - for unlimited access to online movies and TV shows (currently only available in the US unfortunately).

Movie tickets - a couple of tickets to an action movie (the type only guys enjoy) that he can go to with a friend.

back scratcher Back scratcher - every man needs one at some stage.

Sleep / relax

music CD

Music CD - buy an album of his favorite artist and include it in your gift basket, or prepare a custom song collection of your own.

ear plugssleeping mask

Ear plugs and eye mask - for a quiet rest while the rest of house is in chaos.

doos sign "Sleeping Session" Door sign - print out and laminate this door sign warning noise makers to keep quiet (you can also make two holes according to marks and tie a string for hanging).

"Manly" gift ideas for him

flask Flask - a gift idea for him with a John Wain flare - feels macho to have one even if you don't drink.
bottle of wine Alcohol - a bottle of scotch, a six pack of premium beer.. what more can a man ask for? (maybe some crisps?)
army knife Swiss army knife - another one of these masculine gift ideas for him. This one is actually pretty useful too (even I have one in my car...)
toothpicks Toothpicks - I don't know why but men really tend to like having them around. Maybe holding them at the side of their mouth makes them feel they're on a western...

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

Want even more gift ideas for him? check out these suggestions by hobby, by sport type, or by personality.

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