Gift Basket Supplies You'll Need to Create Your Own Gift Basket

Which gift basket supplies do you need in order to put together a gift basket? Not that many actually, and you will probably find most of them at home.

Here are the gift basket supplies you'll need:

Cellophane - the most classic ingredient in gift basket making. You can get cellophane rolls, sheets or bags. Cellophane bags are easier to work with because you simply place the gift basket inside one and tie up the edges, but regular cellophane sheets or rolls are great too.

Scissors - the sharper the better because the best way to cut cellophane paper is to make a first snip and then push the open scissors through to the other end without moving the blades. This can only be done well with sharp scissors. Cutting cellophane paper in the regular way will lead to jagged edges.

Ribbons and bows - length and colors depend on gift basket size and gift color scheme (here are easy instructions on how to make decorative paper flowers in under 5 minutes).

Sticky tape - better to have a dispenser too, so you can cut straight pieces using one hand only.

Basket filler - one of the most essential gift basket supplies when using open deeper containers such as baskets. It is needed for height and volume effect. If you place your items in a deep basket without a filler, the basket will look empty as all the items will "hide" inside rather than stick out.

You can buy professional fillers such as decorative tissue paper/ shredded cellophane sheets/ shredded paper/ packaging straw / Styrofoam pieces etc.

Or you can improvise at home by crumpling up brown packaging paper / yarn threads/ plastic bags / newspapers / toilet paper or cellophane paper.

Tip: if you go for the less decorative fillers, use them as the base and cover them up with a prettier layer such as gift wrapping paper, decorative tissue paper etc.

Container -the base to any gift basket is of course the container. But when it comes to unique gift baskets even the basket doesn't have to be a real basket. See these great “out of the box” ideas for gift basket containers.

Gift items - goes without saying! Not really in the gift basket supplies category but what's a gift basket without them? If you are looking for an idea of what to include in your gift basket, check out these unique gift ideas by hobby, by sport or by recipient's characteristics.

Got all your ingredients? Ready to put together your own gift basket? It's a breeze!

Click here to follow these easy instructions and create your home made gift basket within minutes!

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