Unique Gift Basket Containers

gift basket

The classic container for a gift basket is... a basket of course. But it doesn't have to be! You can use other, more unique gift basket containers to place your gift items in.

Check out this list full of ideas for alternative containers. Not only do they serve as the container for your gift basket, but they are also practical by themselves!

This means that by using one of these containers, you'll be adding another gift item to your basket! And when it comes to a gift basket, the more gift items the merrier!

Gift Basket Container Ideas

At Home - General


In The Kitchen

laundry basket

Laundry basket

  cooking pot Cooking pot


  serving dish Serving dish
newspaper basket

Newspaper basket

  baking pan Baking pan
stairs basket

Stair basket

  mixing bowl Mixing bowl


  mug Mug


  cookie jar Cookie jar

folded towel

tray Tray

Study / Office

magazine file Magazine file      
paper tray Paper Tray      
letter sorter Letter sorter      
pencil holder

Pencil holder

waist basket

Waist basket

stationary organizer Stationary organizer

In the Garden

pot Pot
leaf bag Leaf bag
rain barrel Rain Barrel (see gardening gift basket page for more details)
garden tool tote Garden tool tote
watering can Watering can


hat Hat
cap Cap
purse Purse
backpack Backpack
tote bag Tote bag (click here to see step by step instructions on how to use a bag as gift basket)



sports bag

Sports bag

laundry Laundry bag
mesh bag Mesh bag ( see swimmer gift basket page for more details).
shoe bag Shoe bag (see golf gift basket page for more details).
bicycle basket Bicycle basket
towel a towel folded into a gift basket - here's how


Other Containers

tool box Tool box
sewing box Sewing box
storage box

Storage box

lunch box

Lunch box

cosmetics bag

Cosmetics bag/ pouch

picnic basket Picnic basket
drawer organizer

Wardrobe drawer organizer

stationary organizer Stationary organizer
car organizer Car organizer (see car driver gift basket for more details).

Eco friendly / Recycled Containers:

These containers are either environment friendly or can be recycled from materials most of us have at home.
shoe box

Shoe box - cover it with gift wrapping paper inside and out for an aesthetic look.

inner box Inner boxes of electrical appliances - electrical appliances usually come in a big box full of smaller inner boxes for each component. These inner boxes are great gift basket containers because they are usually made of plain white carton paper so there is no need to cover up any logos or brand patterns.
shopping bag Pretty shopping bag - some shops provide shopping bags with gorgeous patterns and no logos or other shop related info. These bags can be recycled as excellent gift basket containers.
origami box

Origami box- for last minute solution when there is no gift container in sight, follow these easy instructions to create your own hand made origami gift box.

bamboo bowl Recyclable bamboo bowl - a disposable yet durable,eco-friendly, perishable, dish which is fridge and microwave safe and can be re-used several times. It comes in different sizes and is always good to keep around the house for picnics, parties and....as an eco friendly container for gift baskets.
shopper bag Reusable/ folding Shopper bag - this shopper bags fold into a fist size pouch or even smaller. Great to carry in your bag for spontaneous shopping and can also be a great container for almost any type of gift basket theme.

Customized Containers

One of the coolest ideas for gift basket containers, is not only to choose a practical container but to customize it for the recipient. This way the container gets most of the attention and the filling can be secondary.

Zazzle is a great site for customized gifts and containers. They print whatever you want on many different items. Check out these cool tote bags for example, you can customize them with your recipient's name, photo, a funny message and more

Tote bag a little too big? how about a hat?

or a mug?

And here are other personalized gift basket / container options:

For more unique gift basket containers, and for cool ideas on what to put in them, check out the different gift basket ideas by hobby, characteristics and other categories (see navigation bar on the left side at the top of this page for all categories).

Each gift basket page starts off with container ideas that are relevant to the featured gift basket theme.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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