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Going to visit someone who's sick and looking for cool get well gift ideas?

You have reached the right place!

Below are many inexpensive unique gift ideas you can include in a get well gift basket for anyone from someone down with the flue to someone recovering from surgery or a serious illness.

Since each "get well" situation is different it requires different "equipment". Browse through the below gift ideas and pick the ones most suitable for your recipient's condition.

Cheer-up gift ideas

It is a known fact that laughter and high spirits contribute tremendously to our well-being. They boost our immune system and increase our recovery rate. Therefore cheer-up items are the first on my get well gift ideas. Scroll down to see what each item in the below photo is for:

get well gift ideas - cheering up
  1. Customized "get well" booklet for your recipient – a 100% free get-well gift idea that will cheer up any recipient (all you need is a printer). Prepare a booklet with inspirational quotes, jokes, puzzles, coloring pages etc., to keep your recipient happy and busy. The thought alone that someone prepared this booklet just for her/him, will already improve his/her feeling and strengthen his/her immune system.   If you have the time and feel creative, make one of your own. If not, here is a free printable get-well booklet I prepared for you to print.

  2. Happy pills – a pill box full of jelly beans or other candy. You can add handmade prescription which color to take when…

  3. Notes with jokes – write jokes on notes and scatter them in your gift basket for the recipient to find. I wrote mine on colorful paper and then folded it into origami tulips using these easy to follow instructions.

  4. Notepad + pen for the recipient to write down what they want to do when they are back on their feet again. Get that positive thinking going!

  5. Stuffed animal – a classic get well gift idea. It's always heartwarming to receive these cuddly fluffy cute creatures.

  6. Funny comics, a joke book, a fun movie, inspirational quotes book. Anything to get your recipient into a positive cheerful state of mind.

  7. Collection of get well cards from friends / colleagues /neighbors etc. If your recipient has been "out of order" for a long time, it will warm his/her heart to know that people care and think about him/her.

Food related get well gift ideas

(Check for dietary restrictions before choosing which items to include in your get well gift)

food get well gift ideas
  1. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can boost our immune system. A pack of chewable vitamin C tablets, some oranges or even vitamin C candy will be a great choice.

  2. Honey – great for sore throat.

  3. Tea bags – some people only drink tea when they are sick. Combine it with a mug for more efficiency.

  4. Lemon - goes well with tea and honey.

  5. Ricola herb candy – does wonder to a sore throat.

  6. Crackers – being sick usually means you lose your appetite but  you still need to eat something. Crackers will do the job.

  7. Water bottle – hydrating is important! customize your bottle with stickers, name tag, funny quotes etc.

  8. Soup – canned soup or better yet, homemade chicken soup if you have the time to prepare it. A well-known traditional medicine in some places.

Practical get well gift ideas

When you spend a lot of time in bed, it becomes your headquarters. Why not upgrade the scene with the below  gift ideas?

practical get well gift ideas
  1. Bell – to help get the attention of family members when they don't check up on your recipient often enough. Especially useful in cases of sore throat or extreme weakness.

  2. Printed coupons offering to do stuff for the recipient. For example:  cook a meal, take the dog for a walk, do the laundry. Check out the coupons on the printable coupons page, many of them can be relevant for a get-well gift basket too. Just beware – only give them if you intend to fulfill them!

  3. Fluffy socks.

  4. Extra soft tissue box.

  5. Lip balm for these dry lips.

  6. Eucalyptus essential oil – very useful for respiratory problems. Dropping a few drops into a diffuser, on a piece tissue paper or in bath tab help open up and disinfect airways.  Just be careful not to apply directly to skin. It needs to be diluted first.

  7. Neck pillow.

  8. Pajamas.

Anti-boredom gift ideas

anti boredome get well gift ideas

Depending on your recipient's condition how long they've been at it, they might be going out of their mind with boredom. If that's the case, a get well gift basket packed with "stuff to do" can go a long way. Here are some cheap yet fulfilling gift ideas to consider:

  1. Magazines relating to recipient's areas of interest.

  2. Crossword puzzles + pen.

  3. Adult Coloring pages or mandalas + markers. Here are some I prepared for you to print out.

  4. Knitting kit- if your recipient's hands are functional you can include a set of knitting needles, some thread and a knitting instructions booklet you can download a free printable version here.

  5. Cards- a pack of cards can be useful to help pass time both when alone or with accompanied by others. You can go the extra mile and include some easy card tricks instructions so your recipient can practice when alone and then amaze the visitors…

  6. Handheld  game console.

  7. MP with preloaded playlist + earphones.

Cancer specific get well gift ideas

Sadly, cancer and its treatments have unique and undesirable side effects such as hair loss, mouth sores, irritated dry skin, dry mouth, weakness etc. The below gift ideas are aimed to try and ease them.  Of course most of the above get well gift ideas are relevant too.

cancelr specific gift ideas
  1. Washi tape and blue tack to decorate everything around him/her – from iv line to wheel chair. Colors bring happiness.

  2. Sesame seed butter-  said to really help cure mouth sores which might occur during chemotherapy.

  3. Buff / bandana / hat / scarf in case of hair loss.

  4. Temporary tattoos – can be used on bold head or anywhere else.

  5. Rich unscented skin moisturizer and lip balm for dry skin and lips.

  6. Sugar free Gum, mints and sour sweets to help ease mouth dryness and overcome metallic taste.

  7. Fluffy comfy blanket for trip to treatments and around the house.

  8. Comfortable pillow.

In addition, go for the cheer-upanti-boredom and practical items above.

Especially useful would be the practical errand coupons – helping your recipient by taking out the dog, cooking a meal, driving them to treatments, babysitting the kids or doing the laundry can be a breeze to you and help them tremendously! Use this blank coupon and fill it in as you wish or browse through the free printable coupons page and print the ones you like.

Wishing you the best of health and hope your recipient get back on her/his feet very very soon!

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