A Gardening Gift Basket
for Keen Gardeners
and Greenery Lovers in General

If your recipient likes gardening, here are some cool ideas you can include in a gardening gift basket made just for him/her.

And the best thing is, it's a one stop shopping trip. Surf the web or drive down to the nearest Gardening supplies shop, get some or all of the below inexpensive gardening gift ideas and put together a unique gardening gift set for your recipient to enjoy.

Gardening Gift Basket Ingredients

gift basket gardening tool totepothatrain barrelleaf bagContainer - basket, gardening tool tote, big pot, straw hat, rain barrel, (see below), leaf bag (see below).
pillows Pillow - for your recipient's knees to rest on while working in the garden. An inexpensive and comfortable alternative to kneeling directly on the ground. You can also get knee pads for the same purpose.
stool Small stool - for gardeners who prefer to sit while gardening.
water nozzle Water hose nozzle - these nozzles come in all shapes and sizes. They connect to the garden water hose to allow economical and convenient plant watering.
seeds Seeds - so much promise in such a small package! And very cheap too. get flower seeds, flower bulbs, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds. Have a look at the back of the package to see which seeds make the best choices for your recipient depending on season and environment.
planting tray Planting tray - to start off these seeds . You can buy one or add an empty cardboard egg tray to the basket for an eco-friendly approach. Feel creative? You can create one yourself by making holes (with a burning candle - caution! for adults only!) at the bottom of used small yogurt containers, and placing a few of them on a tray. You can even pre-fill them with soil if you wish.
plant Plants - if you'll be handing this gift basket soon after buying, you can include a plant in it. Make sure you get a plant that is right for the recipient's garden environment (sunny / shady, dry / wet climate etc).
gloves Gloves - a pair of gardening gloves is a great addition to a gardening gift basket. They keep your fingernails clean and protect your hands from thorns and nettles.
hat Hat - go for a Wide-brimmed hat for broader sun protection. A hat can also serve as a smaller gift basket container.
sun screen Sun screen - for complete sun protection together with the above hat. Put a sticker on it saying "don't forget the back or your neck!".
water bottle Water bottle - because gardening can dehydrate you.
pruner Pruner/ hand shears - to trim those overgrown plants.
trowel Shovel/ trowel - a mini shovel / digging trowel to plant seeds or plants.
cultivator Garden cultivator - to "comb" the soil around the plants . Together with the trowel and pruner it's a classic gardening gift basket combination.
water spray Water spray bottle - to water and clean the more delicate plants.
watering can Watering can - to manually water the rest of the plants.
scarecrow Scarecrow kit - if your recipient has a vegetable garden, a fun and unique addition for this gardening gift basket could be a scarecrow kit. Simply Draw eyes, nose and mouth on bucket/pot. put inside the pot an old hat, shirt, pants/overall and gloves, add 2 broom sticks/ bamboo poles. Finally add a note saying "scarecrow kit" in case your recipient doesn't understand what this pile is for. Alternatively you can buy a ready made scarecrow.
rain barrel Rain Barrel - this plastic container with a small tap coming out of it is a great eco-friendly and economical feature designed to collect rain water and use them to water the garden. Buy one or if you are feeling crafty - create one yourself.
leaf bag Garden leaf bag - to pile up all these dry leaves when tidying up the garden. Leaf bags are inexpensive, light in weight and some are even collapsible (pop up from flat to full standing) so they don't take much space. They can also serve as excellent gardening gift basket containers.
lantern Solar lights - a cool addition for any garden. Solar lights come in different sizes and shapes (stone like, lantern shaped etc). The best thing about them is that they can be placed anywhere in the garden because don't require any wiring, and they save on electricity bills.
torch Mosquito repellent torches/ candles - for those hot summer nights in case mosquitoes are a problem in your recipient's neighborhood.
bird house Bird house - to hang from a tree. Add a bag of sunflower seeds for bird feeding.
wind spinner Garden ornaments - Welcome signs, statues / figures of animals, mushrooms, dwarfs, fairies, birds, ornaments to hang from trees, weather vane, wind chimes, wind spinner etc.
book Gardening book - there is a whole range of gardening books to choose from. Choose one to match your recipient's climate and garden type (flowers, vegetables, roof top, wild etc).
magazine Gardening magazine - include a gardening magazine in your gift basket, or if your recipient is a passionate gardener, why not indulge him/her with a subscription to one?

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