"Toilet Thinker" Fun Gift Baskets:
for people who take their time in the loo

Does your recipient like to spend a lot of time in the toilet? If so, this "Toilet Thinker" fun gift basket is the perfect choice!

This gift basket contains fun gift ideas for all those who consider the restroom the most important room in the house.

"Toilet Thinker" Gift Basket Ingredients:

gift basket wastebasket Container - a basket or a small toilet wastebasket.
toilet paper Toilet paper - include a roll or two of toilet paper in your gift basket. The rolls can be perfumed for an "elegant" touch or printed for a funnier touch (there are some cool printed patterns available such as Sudoku puzzles, dollar bills, caricatures, origami instructions and many others).
toilet wipes Toilet wipes - a treat for any adult who hasn't used wipes since babyhood. Just make sure you buy the "flushable" ones so you don't end up receiving a bill from your giftee's plumber...
plunger Plunger - because you never know when you'll need one (see toilet wipes item above..).
crossword puzzle Crossword/ Sudoku magazine - why not pass the time with some quality "brain training"?
pen Pen/pencil - for that crossword / sudoku puzzle. If you find a pen shaped as a toilet plunger or toilet brush even better!
magazine Magazine - a great addition to any "toilet thinker" gift basket. Match the magazine to the recipient (men's magazine, women's magazine, hobby related magazine etc).
air freshener Air freshener - need I say more?
matchbox Matchbox - in the absence of air freshener, the smell of a recently extinguished match does a great job in camouflaging unpleasant odors. Stick a sticker onto the matchbox saying something like "in case of odor emergency light a match and blow on it to put it out, satisfaction guaranteed".
memo pad Memo pad - for these deep thinkers who get their most creative ideas while in the loo. Tie a string to the memo pad so it can hang from the wall and don't forget to add a pen.
hand soap Hand soap - to complete the process in a hygienic manner.
towel Small towel - for after washing up.
lotion Hand lotion - for an extra delicate finishing touch.
picture Picture/ door sign - how about contributing to the decoration of the most important room in the house? Stick a funny toilet-related picture in a frame or buy/make a door sign.
seat cover and rug Seat cover and matching rug - if you want this fun gift basket to have an even stronger decor twist.

Want to splurge some more? How about..

Toilet seat lifter - to solve the endless "toilet seat up or down" debate. There are foot pedal operated "lifters" and even electronic ones.  

Toilet seat warmer - for these cold winter days.  

Toilet media center - for an extra fun gift basket. Enjoy some music while you are at it...

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