Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Finding unique fathers day gift ideas is easy. All you need to do is figure out what your dad loves and prepare a gift to match it, whether it is symbolic or the real thing.

Here are some cool ideas for fathers day gift baskets you can use. All are very inexpensive and some don't cost money at all!:

King for a Day Gift Basket

Let your dad be the king of his castle for a day (or in the words of Jerry Seinfeld "the master of his domain") by putting together a "king for a day" gift basket with the following ingredients (the printables are the most important ones, the others are optional accessories):

basket Container - basket
free printable queen for a day certificate King for a day certificate - a free printable certificate announcing dad is a king for the day and therefore his wish shall be your command.
father's day coupon book Dad's magical coupon book - a coupon book full of coupons your dad can redeem with you as part of his wishes. Feel free to print multiple copies for some coupons is you wish. Beware - Print out only the coupons you intend to fulfill!
crown Crown
cape Cape
scepter Scepter

You can complete this fathers day gift idea by adding something for your father to do while you are fulfilling his commands - a copy of a men's magazine, tickets to a sports game or a movie etc.

"Dad's Favorites" Gift Basket

Put together an "all about him" gift basket packed with dad's favorite things: Favorite snack, soft drink, chewing gum, coffee / tea bags (you can add a mug too), favorite toothpaste, shaving foam/gel, deodorant.

If he loves sleeping add a "do not disturb" sign and an eye mask. If he loves watching TV, add the latest TV magazine.

If he has a hobby, add a few inexpensive items that complement it - hammer and nails for the woodworker, hooks and bait for the fisherman, reading light and bookmark for the book reader, running socks and cap for the runner, sunscreen and bottle cooler for the seaside enthusiast. The more items the better as they will show him just how much you know him. They don't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts.

Complete control over TV remotes

This cheap fathers day gift idea does not require anything from you apart from self-restrain and a printer- collect all TV and cable remotes around the house, put them in a gift box or tie them nicely with a ribbon and add this coupon to explain your gift.

Of course it will be wise to coordinate this gift in advance with all other household members, otherwise it might not work out all that well.....

Best Dad Award

Print out this "Best father" award and hand it to dad along with flowers / cigar, sparkling wine and perhaps champagne glasses. You can even make a whole ceremony around this award and invite other members of the family to take part.

Car Wash Kit

If your dad LOVES his car, put together a gift basket (a bucket will be an excellent container) filled with everything he'll need to keep his car sparkling: car shampoo, sponges, windshield wipes, car polish, microfiber cloth, interior cleansing spray, air freshener and any other car accessory your dad would love. Top this fathers day gift idea with a car wash coupon that your father can redeem with YOU!

Couch Potato Gift Basket

If your dad loves occupying the living room couch whenever he possibly can, help him develop it into a form of art with a couch potato gift basket. Click on the link for a complete list of items a couch potato would love to have. Especially the matching coupon book!

Netflix / Hulu Subscription

If your dad is not a full time couch potato but definitely enjoys watching TV you can get him a Netflix or Hulu subscription. According to some fathers, that's the ultimate father's day gift!

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