Affordable Cool Gift Ideas to Include in a Woodworking Gift Basket

If your recipient is an avid DYI carpenter or aspires to become one, a woodworking gift basket filled with the below affordable cool gift ideas is an excellent choice!

This gift basket can serve as an excellent birthday gift for him or a father's day gift basket.

Get some or all of the below affordable items and put together a gift basket any carpentry lover would love to have.

Woodworking gift basket ingredients:

Container: basketbasket, tool boxtool box
screws Screws and nails- include an assortment of wood screws and nails in different sizes.
glue Wood glue
sanding paper Sanding paper - a coarse grit paper for initial sanding and a finer grit for a smooth finish.
sanding block Sanding block - a rectangle block to hold sanding paper with. It can even be a piece of wood.
bar clamps Bar clamps - to hold wood in place when sawing, gluing etc.
hammer Hammer
pliers Pliers
chisel Chisel
level Level
tape measure Tape measure
try square Try Square - measures 90 degree angles accurately.
screw driver Screwdriver - both Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers are useful.
drill bit Drill bits -if your recipient has an electric screwdriver / drill. Make sure you get ones for wood.
dust mask Protective mask - very helpful when sanding.
protective glasses Protective glasses- to protect eyes against flying splinters and chips when sawing.
gloves Work gloves
twizzers Tweezers- to get those splinters out.
ear plugs Ear plugs
first aid kit First aid kit
book Book about woodworking
magazine Woodworking Magazine - a copy of a magazine about woodworking or even a subscription to one.

project plan

bird house

Woodworking project plan - include a beginner's woodworking project instructions your recipient can try out (there are many free plans on the internet). A cool gift idea will be to also include pre-cut wood for this project so your recipient can have a go at it as soon as you hand him/her this gift basket.
man teaching Self made workshop - If you are a DYIer or carpenter yourself, use one of these blank gift certificates to invite your recipient to a one-on-one workshop with you!

Want to splurge some more? how about a

carpenter Woodworking workshop - a cool gift idea for any aspiring woodworking that doesn't have the guts to start. Enroll your recipient to one. I participated in a woodworking workshop myself and it was one of the best things I have done.
electric saw Electric saw
electric drill Electric Drill
workbench Workbench

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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