College Gift Basket Idea
(Great for Other Home Movers Too!)

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 This college gift basket idea is dedicated to all those who are moving out of their parent's house for the first time in general, and to college students in particular. It also makes an excellent graduation gift idea.

Youngsters all dream of the day they'll move out of the house. But being used to having clean clothes, food in the fridge, running water, free phone calls, a variety of transportation options and other such luxuries, might be mind-boggling once they are out there on their own.

This college gift basket is all about making your recipient's first encounter with independent living as pleasant as possible.

Help him/her sort out these small life necessities, and they'll be ready to PARTY!

Since there are so many items you can include in a college gift basket, I divided them into categories. Pick one category or choose some items from several categories and build your own homemade move-out-of-the-house survival kit!

College gift basket ingredient list

gift basket wastebasket college gift basket container - laundry basket college gift basket container - laundry bag college gift basket container - cookie jar college gift basket container - mixing bowl college gift basket container - frying pan college gift basket container - food storage box
basket waste
laundry basket laundry bag cookie jar mixing bowl frying pan food

General gift ideas:

Inspirational wall decals Inspirational wall decals - These motivating phrases can serve as an excellent gift on their own. They can really get you energized. Especially when they are always there on a background wall (believe in the power of positive thinking...just from looking at it now, I already feel motivated to continue writing this page!).
belongs to label
"Belongs to" labels - a very cheap yet practical gift idea to mark important possessions. Especially important when roommates are involved (you can customize the labels with your recipient's name).
emergency money Emergency money - this college gift basket idea is extremely easy to make and is VERY helpful for any student. Place a $20 bill (it can be more or less depending on your budget) in a nylon pocket similar to ones used for photographs or sheet protectors. Cut nylon to size and seal it all around so the money bill is "trapped" inside. Write "for emergencies only" on the Nylon cover.
Graduation Return Address Labels zazzle_label
Return address labels - a cheap, personal and useful item to include in your college gift basket. Simply add recipient's name and address to a design, and order (starts from only $2.90 for 30 labels).
stationary Stationary and stamps - you can even design custom stamps for your recipient if you want.
red alarm clock Alarm clock
picture frame Framed picture of you and the recipient for homesick moments. Goes well together
with a ...(see next item)
calling card Pre-paid calling card - so your recipient an call you when homesick (or just to ask for money....again...)
whiteboard Magnetic /white board - for messages and notes.
hammerscrewdriverscrews Tool kit - or at least a screw driver, a few nails and a hammer.
sewing kit Sewing kit
scrapbook Scrapbook - to capture memories as soon as they take place.
swiss army knife Swiss army knife- so many utilities in one knife. It's bound to come in handy.
ear plugseye mask Eye mask and ear plugs - another useful gift idea when roommates are involved.
door sign Door sign - with your recipient's name. Immediately gives a homey feeling.
night lamp Night lamp / flash light - very useful for night owls with roommates.
gift card Gift card - college students are usually stretched for money. Indulge them with a gift card to any facility near by: restaurant, Pizza place, bookstore, cinema.

Laundry stuff (choose portable size items)

laundry detergent Laundry detergent
detergent Fabric Softener
stain remover Stain remover
quarters Quarters - for laundromat.
magazine Magazine- to read while waiting for the laundry.
laundry bag Laundry bag - to carry laundry to and from laundromat.
pegs Pegs and rope - for hand washed items.

Food & kitchen related

canned soup Food - Long lasting ready-to-eat food for starving emergencies. Examples: canned food (tuna, beans, soup, sausages etc,), energy bars, crackers, candy, chocolate, cereal, coffee, tea , jam, pickles, macaroni and cheese, instant noodles, microwave popcorn.
spices Seasoning essentials - salt, pepper, sugar, oil, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise.
dining ware Dining ware - if your recipient needs to bring everything from home. Items to include: 1-2 sets of plate, cup, spoon, teaspoon, fork and knife.
kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils - if your recipient needs to start cooking for him/herself here's a list of the basic kitchen utensils he/she'll need : frying pan, cutting board, can opener, bottle opener, cooking pot, turner, good cutting knife, mixing bowl and spoon.
dishwashing liquid and spong Dishwashing liquid + sponge
college gift basket container - food storage box Food storage boxes - to keep food in. If your recipient has roommates, write his/ her name on them with a permanent marker or use the "belongs to" labels above.
cook  book Cook book - a cookbook with easy to make recipes will be handy if your recipient is about to start cooking for the first time. Alternatively you can include a...
recipes box Recipes box + easy recipes - write some basic easy-to-make recipes on cards and put them on a recipes box for your recipient to try out.
takeaway manus Local take out menus - do a quick research on the web and print out take out menus of the restaurants and pizza places in your recipient's area. Makes a perfect college gift basket idea together with a gift card to the same place/s.

Hygiene and health

toiletries bag Toiletries bag - is your recipient is about to live in a dorm. You can also fill it in with everything needed in the shower - soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste and brush, lip balm, deodorant etc. (can also serve as a gift basket container).
filp flops Flip flops - to keep feet off moldy dorm / shared shower floors.
towel Towel
headache pills Tylenol
bandaid Band-Aids
air freshener Air freshener - for awkward situations wink
smelly shoe Shoe odor eliminators - shoe spray, shoe powder or shoe fresheners that are placed inside the shoes. A thoughtful gesture towards roommates. A great college gift basket idea especially if your recipient is into sports...
All purpose cleaner
wipes Anti-bacterial Wipes
trash bag Trash bags


Each student needs a different kind of equipment depending on his/her studies but some items are useful for everyone:

memory stick USB flash drive (memory stick)
marker highlighters
sticky notes Post-its
notebook with pen Notebook
penpencils Pens and pencils
pencil holder Pencil holder


Need even more college gift basket ideas?

A " memorable" gift basket idea is the scrapbooking gift basket. This way your recipient can make her/his own scrapbook hand in hand with making her/his own exciting memories.

For sports related college gift basket ideas check out these gift ideas by sport type.

And if your recipient is about to start living with roommates for the first time but wakes up to the slightest sound, the light sleeper gift basket idea might be the perfect solution for her/him.

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