Unique Christmas
Gift Basket Ideas


It's Christmas time again and gift shopping (or shall we say gift hunting) season has begun!

If you are looking for "out-of-the-box" gift ideas, here are some great tips and suggestions for unique Christmas gift basket ideas that will save you time and money on your way to yet another merry Christmas.

A great gift basket idea to suite any recipient is the practical Christmas gift basket idea below. It includes essential Christmas items anyone would love to have, and is very cheap and easy to make!

Another fun suggestion is the holiday survival kit idea, containing everything you'll need to make it through Christmas holiday side-affects from traffic jams to excessive eating...

A Christmas decorating kit is also a great Christmas gift basket idea, especially if it is given just before Christmas. This option is extremely suitable for recipients who moved to their own place for the first time or for those who recently moved to a new home.

If you are more into personalized "spot on" Christmas gift basket ideas, here are some other great affordable suggestions.

Choose a hobby your recipient engages in or would like to have and put together a gift basket to match it (click on the links to find out more). A book lover gift basket for the avid reader, a techie gift basket for technology and gadget lovers, a runner gift basket for someone who likes jogging, a gardening gift basket for those who enjoy gardening and so forth. Here are more hobby and sports Christmas gift basket ideas to choose from.

If your recipient does not have the time or energy for a hobby, do not despair! there are many more personal Christmas gift basket ideas to choose from.

Does she drive a lot to and from work? give her a driver gift basket with everything she'll need to make her commuting much more pleasant. Does he travel a lot on business? put together the perfect "frequent traveler" gift basket for him with "must-haves" to upgrade his trip tremendously. Does she wake up at the slightest sound? check out this light sleeper gift basket idea with everything needed for a good night's sleep. Is he a cleaning fanatic? here are some great ideas to include in a clean freak gift basket. And here are more suggestions that can make excellent Christmas gift basket ideas.

If you need help putting your Christmas gift basket together click here for easy to follow instructions.

And here are some great tips to give your gift basket a Christmasy look and feel:

1. Choose a Christmasy color scheme - green, red, white, gold and silver rule.. Use ribbons, bows and gift items in these colors to add Christmas glow to any gift.

2. Add pine cones to your basket. On top of adding a Christmasy feeling, they also fill in the empty spaces in your basket. Just make sure they are clean, insect free and dry before using them.

3. Instead of a basket, use a large Christmas sock as your container.

4. Add Christmas candy to your gift basket.

5. Use a green filler under your gift items for a greenery feeling.

6. Instead of gift ribbons, use a garland to wrap around your gift basket.

7. Instead of using a basket as your container, get a miniature fake Christmas tree, stick it in a nice planting pot and hang your gift items from it. You can stick the bigger, heavier items directly in the pot.

Enjoy and have a

Santa Merry Christmas

The practical Christmas gift basket idea

basket Christmas sock Container - basket, big sock.
printable christmas carols Printable Christmas Carols booklet - get your recipient in a Christmasy mood! download and print this free printable Christmas carols booklet containing words to Christmas carols everyone knows and loves (it's a 3 MB file so it may take longer to download on slower connections).
gloves scarf and hat Scarf, Gloves, Hat - to accompany the above booklet when caroling outdoors.
Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments - to hang on tree. Go for ornaments that represent your recipient. for example a horse for some who loves horseback riding, a piano for someone who likes playing the piano etc.
memopad Notebook and pen - to start writing down resolutions for the coming year.
dustpan and brush Dustpan and brush set - to sweep up fallen pine needles from under the tree.
alcohol and sponge Rubbing alcohol and soft cloth - to remove any tree sap stains from carpet, cloths or furniture. You can also use a hand sanitizer but make sure it is alcohol based (otherwise it won't work).
snow shovel Snow shovel - for a snow free driveway. If your recipient lives in an apartment or in a sunny area a mini shovel will have a symbolic effect (or perhaps sunshades instead?)
cards display Homemade Christmas card display - put together an eco friendly cheap beautiful display for Christmas cards using a branch, ribbons and a small planting pot. Click here for instructions.


Christmas Decorating gift basket

basket pot box Container - basket, tree stand container (see below), ornament storage box.
decorative lights Decorative lights
candles Candles
Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments - made by yourself or store bought.
tree stand Christmas tree stand - a proper tree stand or a nice looking planting pot / decorated water bucket.
candy Hangable Christmas candy
tree topper Tree topper
tree skirt Tree skirt
box Ornament storage box - a nice looking box, or for a cheap, eco friendly version - an empty egg carton decorated for a festive effect.
fishing line Fishing line - for hanging decorations seamlessly
scissors scissors
pruner Pruner/ hand shears
alcohol and sponge Rubbing alcohol and soft cloth - to remove any tree sap stains from carpet, cloths or furniture.
dustpan and brush Dustpan and brush set - to sweep up fallen pine needles from under the tree.

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