Homemade Christmas Card Display - Instructions

Christmas card display

This Christmas card display is an eco friendly, cheap Christmas gift idea anyone can make!

It's practical, easy to make, nice to look at and recyclable once it's out of use.

I believe there is nothing like homemade Christmas gift ideas to show your loved ones how much you love them - so much that you took the time and effort to prepare their gift yourself.

On the other hand, not all of us are arts and crafts wizards, but we don't want it to show. If you feel the same way, this homemade Christmas card display is your perfect choice. It took me and my 5 years old 10 minutes to put it together (including the debate on which color ribbons to use), and everyone who walked in the house was totally impressed by it.

Christmas Card Display Ingredients:

Christmas card display container with macademia nuts
  • A few dry branches - just look around in the park, yard or anywhere with trees and shrubs. We used a dry olive tree branch we found in our backyard.
  • A small planting pot / vase or any other container (it can be something the recipient could use later for its original purpose).
  • Stones / pebbles / marbles/ anything to stabilize branches and container. We used Macadamia nuts from our tree, which are an edible addition to our gift.
  • Ribbons / yarn in different colors.
  • Mini wooden pegs (clothespins) - to be used as Christmas card holders.


  1. Place stones/ pebbles/ marbles in container to weigh it down.

  2. Stick branches in the container.

  3. Cut a ribbon twice the length that you want it to drop from the branch.

  4. Tie each ribbon's edges to form a loop around a selected branch.

  5. Clip a mini peg onto each ribbon loop you tie. Christmas cards can then be hung from the loops using the pegs.


And there you have it -your own homemade Christmas card tree display!


This gift idea is part of the practical Christmas gift basket idea. Click the link to see more cool Christmas gift ideas you might like.

a card hanging from display card hanging from display Christmas card display

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