Cheap Unique Gift Ideas to Include in
a Gift Basket for the Forgetful

forgetful man

If your recipient always misses appointments, wonders where he/she left stuff or tries to remember what needs to be done next, the forgetful gift basket is your perfect choice!

Check out the below cheap unique gift ideas you can include in your gift basket to tremendously improve any "memory challenged" person's life.

Simply get the some or all of the items below (some you can print, others you might already have at home) and put together a gift basket your forgetful recipient will always remember!

Gift basket for the forgetful - ingredients:

Container: basket boxdocument organizer door organizer basket, memories box (see below), document organizer (see below), door organizer / bowl (see below).

sticky notes Sticky notes- always useful for writing things down before you forget them.
stamp “Belongs to” stickers / stamp - print out stickers saying "belongs to" + your recipient name. Or for a more impressive approach, order a stamp with the same wording. Your recipient can use it to mark his/her items. While it won't help them improve their memory, this cheap unique gift idea will definitely help them remain in possession of their belongings.
timer Timer - a small electrical timer with a magnet is very cheap and can be used as an alarm reminder for various tasks (for example: turn off the irrigation, take the cake out of the oven etc).
car mark Car mark - this cheap unique gift idea is a very practical one. Who hasn't parked in a huge parking lot and later couldn't find the car? get a colorful ribbon to tie on the car antenna / a bright stuffed animal to stick to the back window or any other item that will make a car stick out from a distance.
finger with string Strings/ ribbons - to tie on finger. Although a cliche, some people actually use this method to remind themselves of tasks.

Event reminder calendar- a cheap homemade gift idea to last forever! Click on the link for a downloadable calendar and instructions on how to use it.

pill box Weekly pill box- for forgetful people who take meds on regular basis.
ginkgo Ginkgo biloba tablets- it is believed that this natural herb extract helps improving memory (to be used after consulting a physician as it might affect blood pressure).
cards Memory card game- you can buy one, or if you are looking for a cheap unique gift idea, create a personalized memory card game with pictures of family members and friends. Here is how.
brain training Brain training - a brain training book with memory related exercises. Or for the more advanced, brain training software / online subscription / or... (see next item)
applications Smartphone applications - if your recipient uses a smartphone you can prepare a list of recommended brain training games, memory games, list and reminder apps (many of them are free). Top it up with an app store online gift card if you wish.
pen Pen - to write down things before forgetting them. It can be a simple pen, one with a suction cup / neck strap / magnet so it does not get lost, or even a recording pen.
whistle key finder Whistle Key Finder - attaches to key ring and whenever they can't be found, a whistle will make the key finder beep and flash back.
remote key finder Remote control key finder - the receiver part should be attached to any item that is likely to get lost. When looking for it, pressing the remote control button will make the receiver beep.
document organizer Expanding document Organizer- so your recipient can easily file paperwork by subject instead of misplacing and losing it. You can pre-tag the tabs (for example: bills, car, education etc).
box Memories box - a nice looking box to place souvenirs and other precious bits an pieces in (love letters, children's paintings etc) so they never get lost.
mousepad Notepad mouse pad- this mouse pad surface which is actually a square notepade is useful for writing down reminders while working on the computer.
door organizer Door organizer / Bowl - (or other container) to place coins, keys, cell phone and other stuff we put aside as soon as we walk in the door. This way your recipient will definitely find his/her essentials when leaving the house.
notepad Notepad - to write things down before forgetting them. It can be a simple notepad, a magnetic one to hang on the fridge or even a waterproof notepad for writing down stuff while in the shower!
to do tattoo "To Do" tattoo - this cheap unique gift idea is a temporary tattoo you pre-fill with your grocery list, stick on your hand and go shopping.

Need instructions to put your gift basket together? click here!

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