Car related Gift Certificate for daughter that is turning 16

by Anne

My daughter who is turning 16 next month, lives with her father and I want to give her money as a gift for AFTER her car will be purchased.
Not sure how to word so if you could help me with some ideas.
I don't want to give her the money in advance until the car is purchased and then will give her X amt of $'s.
Ex: $1000.00 at the time car is being purchased. I will hold money until that time.
Ex: Will pay $____.__ per month of Insurance Premium.

Hi Anne,
How about something like:

________________ $ coupon for _______________ to be redeemed upon presentation of a car pink slip in your name!
Love, Mom

* The "for" part is optional. not sure if you want to specify what the money should be used for.
* Not sure if the term "pink slip" is correct for car ownership documentation, if not, please replace with the correct term.

After preparing this coupon you could roll it and stick it in a small toy car / car shaped key chain, wrap it and give it to her on her birthday.

Or for a gift with a twist you can fill a bucket with some car detergents and cloths, and hide the coupon in it. This way your daughter will first think you are teasing her while she is still "Car-less" only to later find the real gift :-) (the cleaning accessories will come in handy too once the car is purchased).

Good luck and happy birthday to your daughter (my daughter's birthday is in October too :-)).

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