Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

The best birthday gift ideas for her need to fulfill two basic conditions:

  1. Show that you know her and pay attention to her needs.
  2. Show that you put time, thought and effort into picking / preparing her gift.

Although it might not seem so at first (especially for men) finding birthday gift ideas for women is actually pretty easy.

How? The info is right there, all you need to do is look for it!

Let me explain, read on...

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According to anthropology, women are gatherers. This means that they are always on the lookout for new items to gather. Whether it's at the shopping mall, while browsing through a magazine or even when watching TV, women have this amazing multitasking capability to get their main goal done while simultaneously noting down desired items in a special part of their brain (a mental "shopping basket").

Being the social creatures that they are, they won't only memorize these items, but they will also share this info with other female gatherers (friends, family) or with the rest of the world (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media). They probably share this info with men too, but men usually do not pay attention to this potentially valuable data.

And then comes her birthday!

If you did not pay attention to her various info updates on what she saw / liked / wants, you might end up with a generic and impersonal birthday gift idea for her.

Big no-no!

Believe it or not, she might actually find it insulting depending on the amount of data she shared with you about all the "must haves" she saw this year.

So how to find the perfect birthday gift idea for her? keep your ears and eyes open, follow the below tips and you'll find the perfect gift for her, guaranteed!

How to find the perfect gift idea for women:

Eyes open- the social media jackpot

Check her Facebook, Twitter or best of all (if she has it) -Pinterest accounts (or any other social media accounts she might have). In there hides a fountain of info about items she would like to have - all make excellent potential birthday gift ideas for her. Just look at her "like"s , twits or pins, and you will see what I mean.

Ears open - Listen!

Pay attention to what she is talking about. She might be giving you hints - "you won't believe what an amazing dress/bag/necklace/perfume I saw today at the mall, and it was on sale!" - the perfect birthday gift idea for her is given to you on a silver platter.

Hobby gift ideas

Notice what she does in her free time - "I just started to go to yoga classes, it's amazing, I feel like a new person!" - ta da! yoga related accessories or better yet, a homemade yoga gift basket is a perfect choice. And here are more sports and hobby gift basket ideas to choose from.

Helpful gift ideas

Keep an eye out on what bothers her - "lately I can't get enough sleep, I keep waking up to the slightest sound" - put together a thoughtful easy-to-make light sleeper gift basket for her. She will be extremely impressed with your consideration. Check out these other gift basket ideas by characteristics that might be applicable for your recipient.

Moms to younger children are usually stressed out and worn down. if your recipient fits this description, pamper her with a recharge gift basket for the worn out mom. After I gave one to my best friend, she was glowing for days, saying no one has ever put so much thought into a gift she received.

The gift that keeps on giving - part I

A subscription gift is a great way to give a gift that "keeps coming" long after her birthday has passed. Women LOVE that! A great and inexpensive birthday gift idea for her is a glossybox subscription - it's a service that sends out a pretty box filled with miniature size cosmetics and makeup items each month (I liked this idea so much I actually gave it as a gift to myself!).

The gift that keeps on giving - part II

Another type of subscription gift is a subscription to a magazine about a subject she enjoys (home decor, horses, cooking, fashion etc.). Here you get "two for the price of one" - you show her that you know her well (a gift in itself) PLUS your gift will keep on coming rather than be a one time appearance.

The classic birthday gift ideas for her- Apparel!

Most women pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Therefore apparel related gifts always make excellent birthday gifts for her.

For those who put a lot of effort into their appearance and look spectacular, it's best to find out what they want and get it (see "eyes open" and "ears open" points above). These women usually know best what works for them, it's better not to try and guess it.

For the rest of us who look nice but feel we don't live up to our full potential yet, grooming, nurturing or makeover gifts will be great. But (and this is a BIG "but"), be careful that your gift will not be interpreted as criticism to the way she currently looks, or you are doomed!

Great apparel related options are a nail care gift basket with everything she will need for well-groomed nails, a day at the spa or a massage gift voucher.

Other cool ideas include a personal makeup lesson teaching her how maximize her appearance by using various makeup techniques and products, or a personal color analysis to find her best colors according to her skin tone and complexion (I had one for my birthday and it was an amazing eye opener).

A complete makeover session is a bit more expensive but a very rewarding experience to anyone who feels frustrated with how she currently looks (give her this gift only if she expressed her frustration! see the "big but" above for explanation).

Attention and TLC

If you still can't figure out what she wants, give her attention! it's as simple as that!

Whether you are her husband, boyfriend, son, daughter, parent or best friend, take a day off and plan a special day together with her. Take her to the beach, to a movie, a restaurant, a play, a picnic, or even....shopping (if you are up for it).

If this gift is for your wife and you have young children and not too much money to spend, find an arrangement for the kids and turn your home into a hotel for her (yes, you guessed it, you are her battler/chauffeur/waiter).

You can also declare her a queen for a day with by handing her a certificate and a magical coupon book. You'd be surprised how this could be the best present she has ever received without you spending a dime!

Now that you have so many birthday gift ideas to choose from, just pick the best one for her and make her day!

If you need any help deciding, don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you out!

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