Birthday gift idea for a girl that likes dogs, her phone and shopping

by Tom

I'm looking for a gift for my very soon to be girl friend and I don't know what to get.
I've been seeing her for a month and she is turning 18.
She likes dogs, her phone, cloths (is obsessed with shopping) and I want to give her a gift that shows that i spent time thinking about it but not too intimate like we are going to get married or something like that. any help will be greatly appreciated.
thank you for you time


Dear Tom,
I think it is great that you want your gift to show you put the time and effort into it. Girls really appreciate that. I am not sure what your budget is so I will keep my suggestions on the inexpensive side (you can always go wilder if you want to).

If you want to find a spot-on gift she really wants, check if she has a Pinterest account.
Pintesest users "pin" pictures of stuff they love / want-to-have onto their virtual Pinterest pin-board. It's an excellent source for gift ideas, especially when the recipient is a woman. Just look at what she pined, find something that is within your budget and buy it for her. She will be amazed how you knew exactly what she wanted.

If she does not have a Pinterest account, you can check her twits on Twitter or "likes" on Facebook. Maybe she mentioned a "must have" item there.

Since you say that she is obsessed with shopping, you can put together a "shopaholic" gift basket for her:

(***I later created a shopaholic gift basket page based on this question. click here to see it***)

Fill in a tot bag (check out this cool one at zazzle) with accessories any shopaholic would need on a shopping spree:

  • A bottle of water

  • Energy bars (shopping can by tiring)

  • Chewing gum

  • Pocket mirror

  • A pair of nylon socks (for when trying on shoes)

  • Coins (for parking, tips, vending machines)

  • Disposable toilet seat covers and hygiene gel (for public toilets)

  • A folding tote bag in case the first one is not big enough for all her shopping (like this cute one that folds into a strawberry).

Check her favorite shops websites, print out any discount/ promotional coupons they might have and add them to your gift basket. If you can spend more, get her a gift card from her favorite shop and add it to your gift basket too.

If she is a true shopaholic, her feet must be very tired at the end of a shopping session. Therefore you can print out a blank gift certificate and fill it in for a foot massage that you will give her when she is done shopping.

Since you say she loves her phone, a mobile phone gift basket with all kinds of inexpensive embellishments and accessories for her phone can also be an excellent choice (you will need to know her phone model so the items you buy fit it).

Items you can include in this gift are phone case / cover / pouch, phone holder (for desk),cute earphones, screen protector, charms, decorative earphone plug protectors etc. Check out the phone addict section of the Techie gift basket page on my site for more inspiration.

Tinydeal is a great online shop to get these items at very cheap prices. I have a good experience with them. Here is a link to their phone accessories page.

And you can always give her a music related gift by burning a CD / disk-on-key with her favorite songs (or YOUR favorite songs so she can get to know you). If you have the budget you can copy the songs onto a MP (Media Player) so she can hear your gift as soon as she receives it.

I really hope you will find one of the above suggestions helpful.

All the best and good luck!


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Apr 28, 2012
I like the shopaholic gift idea!
by: Anonymous

I like the shopaholic gift idea!

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