Beach Gift Baskets are Great
for Anyone Who Loves
the Sun & Water

Here are the essential ingredients for great beach gift baskets. Fill your container with some or all of them depending on your budget, the recipient and the size of your container.

Beach Gift Basket Ingredients:

beach bag beach hat beach towel Container: a bag is perfect container for this gift basket. It can be used both to "wrap" your present and to act as the "beach bag" when needed. Choose a nice straw bag, a pretty, durable, think plastic bag or a tot bag for this purpose. For smaller baskets use a hat as the container (See hat item below).
Last but not least is a beach towel! How on earth do you turn a beach towel into a basket? check out this quick tutorial and make a towel gift basket in 2 minutes!
sun screen Sun screen - there is a range of sun screens for every budget and skin type. From lotions to spray-ons, from transparent to bright coloured and of course dozens of SPFs to choose from. Pick one to match your recipient's skin type and age.
after sun lotion After sun lotion - to help the skin recuperate from the sunny experience.
water bottle mineral water - a handy "must have" in the sun (I wouldn't use fuzzy or other sweet drinks as they don't taste well after a few hours in the sun).
water proof pouch water-proof pouch / ziploc plastic bag: useful for protecting "water sensitive" items such as cell phone, money, MP players etc. If you include a ziploc bag in your beach gift basket, use permanent marker to write something like "Joe's safe- will self distract it messed with!" on it. This way Joe won't wonder why you included an empty plastic bag in his gift...
towel Towel - one of the most useful items in beach gift baskets. It can be plain, patterned (some have backgammon/checkers board printed on them and can be used for playing), or even one of those towels that turns into a robe.
snorkel flippers and goggles Snorkel, flippers & goggles - for sea lovers.
ear plugsnose clip nose clip, silicon ear plugs - for pool lovers. You can also add a bathing cap.
paint brush Paint brush - for people who love the beach but hate the sand (I am a living example that such people do exist..), add a medium size paint brush - they can use it to brush the sand off their feet before getting in the car (stick a note to the brush explaining what it's for).
soap and shampoo Travel size soap + shampoo - for people who like to take a shower at the beach/pool before going home.
hatvisor Hat - can be a nice big straw hat (for women), a baseball cap or a visor. If you prefer your hat to be the gift basket container I recommend you go for the larger straw hats.
sun glasses sun glasses & case - an inexpensive pair of sun glasses is a nice addition for the younger crowd (older people tend to be more picky about what they view the world through).
A case for glasses is also a great idea - how many times did you go to the beach and didn't have a safe place for your expensive shades? If your recipient doesn't wear glasses, the case can be used as a place for keys, change and other small items.
flip flops flip flops - they come in a variety of colours and patterns and are very affordable.
magazinepen Crossword puzzle magazine & pen - for the relaxed folks. Any other type of magazine will also do the trick.
beach paddleballfrisbeekite Beach games - for the energetic ones a beach paddleball set, Frisbee, kite or other beach games.
backgammon backgammon/checkers board - a great option for everyone (choose the magnetic one if possible, so pieces don't get lost).
beach ballring inflatables - How about an inflatable beach ball, swim ring etc?
bucket bucket and shovel - for that inner child inside of us...

home made beach gift basket - click to see "how to" instructions

Here's a homemade beach gift basket I put together for my daughter. Want to see how easy it is to make it and what she looked like when she opened it?
Click here!

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