Ideas for Bath Spa Gift Baskets with a Twist!

for people who love to take long showers or baths

Bath & spa gift baskets are a classic! A few luxury bath products, a sponge and a couple of scented candles make a gorgeous and tempting gift.

However, if you want your gift basket to be a little more unique - how about a bath spa gift basket with a twist?!

The inspiration for this bath spa gift basket idea is my teenage daughter.... it wasn't long ago that we had to argue with her to get in the shower and now we can't seem to get her out of there!

If your recipient loves to take his/her time in the shower like my daughter, these gift ideas will be spot-on for them .

Bath spa gift basket container ideas



shower caddy

towel folded into basket

towel folded into basket (here's how)

Let's kick off with the classic bath & spa gift items

You can start off by Choosing one or some of the below classics to fill in your gift basket:

Toiletries - luxury soap, moisturizer, exfoliating Body Scrub, high end hair mask etc.

Scented candles

Bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath and other pampering products that can be added to bath (provided your recipient has a bath.....)

Sponge, scrub brash



And now let's make it unique!

Take a look at the below and pick the gift ideas most suitable for your recipients (I used Amazon search screens to easily demonstrate the products I am referring to).

waterproof notepad

You know how the best ideas come to you in the shower but by the time your are finished, you forget them (especially if you take long showers)? Well, here is the ultimate solution! Now your recipient can write them all down and never lose a brilliant light bulb moment again.

Anything with suction cups

On one hand there is no such thing as too much storage in the bathroom. On the other hand, if you have ever tried to drill into a bathroom wall and ended up with a spash of water in your face (hit a water pipe), you know the dilemma that comes with the need for an extra hook or shelf in the bathroom. This is where suction cups come in handy. Hooks, hairdryer mounts, storage shelves, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and even wine glass holders - all have suction cups variants and make great bath spa gift ideas.


If your recipient really loses track of time while in the shower, a timer would be a good item to include in your gift basket - especially if you two live under the same roof and share the same bathroom.....

It can be a sand clock, a digital timer with an alarm or even a 5$ waterproof digital watch that can be worn around a bottle of shampoo.

Funny shower caps

I didn't even realize such shower caps exist until I started doing research for this page...

Shower singer gift ideas

So many of us love to sing in the shower! why not take it to the extreme with some fun items?

I designed the below 2 items for this bath spa gift basket idea at Zazzle but you can create any other custom design you can think of there.

mic shaped stuff

There are cool microphone shaped sponges and shower heads out there that can make excellent bath gift ideas for shower singers.

Here's an idea for a homemade microphone sponge. It only takes a couple of minutes to create one!

All you need is

  • A sponge (the larger the better)

  • Utility knife / scissors

  • Tracing pen or pencil you can erase later.

  • A shape of a microphone outline (optional - just search Google for "microphone outline").

Just trace a shape of a microphone onto the sponge and cut according to lines.

For best results, try to make shallow cuts with the utility knife first, then extract the blade all the way out to fit the depth of the sponge and cut all the way through.

Don't forget to erase the tracing marks once done.

How I came up with this idea

During the research I did for this page, my daughter (yes, the same one who took over out bathroom...) told me she saw this really cool mic shaped sponge once and it would be perfect for this gift basket. It sounded great but I couldn't find one for a reasonable price. Funny enough, that evening while i was in the shower (!) I had a light bulb moment - Maybe I can make one myself?! and voila!

The below Amazon search box should come up with other cool microphone shaped items.

In case they run out of stock check out my Pinterest "Bathroom Singers and Shower Lovers" board. I pinned some examples there too.

Waterproof speaker

Whether your recipient is a bathroom singer or simply loves music, these small bluetooth speakers can bring a bath or shower to a whole new level. Some speakers even let you take a call while you are showering but I not so sure that's a good idea...

For bath tub enthusiasts

Ducks - we are never to old for a couple of this cuties. If you can find soap ducklings even better!

Bell - for your recipient to call other household members in case they are in the the bath and forgot something crucial..... like their towel....

Bubble bath liquid - need I say more? can add a soap bubble toy for the fun of it!

Neck pillow - to support neck and ease relaxation. these vary from inflatable neck pillow, suction cup pillows or even bean bag type pillows.

Bath thermometer - to help know when the time is just right to step into the bath. By the way, the shower equivalent is a shower head that changes colors according to temperature.

Bathtub tray

This last one is a bit pricier than other items, but if your recipient really loves long bath, this could be the ultimate gift for her/him, perhaps even better than a bath spa gift basket! I don't even like baths and it makes me want to take one....

Finally, Here's the gift basket I came up with. Would love to hear from you what gift baskets you created.

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