About Me

My name is Anat (similar to Annette but with the last syllable pronounced like a nut, which I am according to some people...).

I have a husband, 2 daughters, a dog, a full time job and many relatives and friends who celebrate different occasions all year round and enjoy receiving gifts (don't we all?).

I have always liked giving gifts, but being the nut that I am they couldn't be just any gifts. They had to be:

Spot on, "out of the box" unique and practical gifts to match the recipient (you know the phrase "it's the thought that counts"? well, I tend to take it to the extreme...).


Affordable because let's face it, none of us has extra cash (at least not the people I know), so why spend a fortune on something the recipient will replace if you can spend much less and make someone extremely happy?

With these 2 goals in mind I always found myself wandering around shopping malls for hours (not that I had the time) looking for that magical perfect gift.

Until one day I had an enlightenment ...OK, let's not get carried a way... an idea:light bulb:

What if instead of looking for that perfect one-of-a-kind gift I can create a "gift kit" based on the occasion or the receiver? Its uniqueness will be in the way the different items tie together into a theme. This can solve all my problems!

And so I did.

The first lucky recipient was a good friend of ours who was celebrating his birthday. When thinking of him I could not help noticing how each time we met, he would disappear for a good 30 minutes for some "creative thinking" in the toilet.

This is how I came up with the "toilet thinker" gift basket. It was a great success! In fact, it was so practical that our friend's wife complained it became harder getting him out of the restroom.

Since then I have created many other "gift kits" based on my friends and relatives' tendencies. Time and time again I was excited to see how surprised and overjoyed the receivers were. They literally couldn't wait to start using the items in their gift basket, as these items appealed to them, being related to something they loved or desperately longed for.

On this site I am happy to share with you my ideas for unique gift baskets. Many of them were given to my loved ones on different occasions and some are still waiting for the right occasion to come up. I hope they will inspire you into making unique gift baskets of your own.

My brain is constantly coming up with more and more ideas, all of which I hope to upload to my website soon.

I just love hearing back from my visitors so if you have ANY suggestions, comments, ideas or feedback, I will be extremely happy if you drop me a note. It can even be anonymous.

Enjoy and make someone's day special while your'e at it!

Thanks for visiting!


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