Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

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I believe retirement can be an exciting and thrilling period.

It can even be the best time of our lives- finally being able to stop and smell the flowers, do whatever we want and enjoy every minute.

The below retirement gift ideas celebrate this great occasion. You can pick one as your gift or add a few items together to make an inspiring retirement gift basket for your recipient.

Retirement Gift Ideas - Ingredient List

Retirement gift ideas

  1. Retirement certificate:  Retirement is (usually) a once in a life time occasion. Commemorate it with an official yet humoristic certificate. Here are a few versions of free printable retirement certificates I prepared for this gift basket. There's also a blank certificate you customize as you wish.

  2. Wine/ Champagne + glasses:  a classic retirement gift idea!  add a bottle of bubbly and a couple of glasses so your recipient can toast this happy moment together with you (or with someone else….).

  3. Ideas notebook + pen:  now that your recipient has all the time in the world,   it's time to make a list of what he/she has always wanted to do "one day". Help them start it off by writing some ideas on the first page , or by adding an inspirational explanation on how to use this notebook.  You can take this concept up a notch with the next item…

  4. "Cease the day" brochure inspiration:  this is a cool retirement gift idea which is 100% free (at least on the giver side). Simply drop by a travel agency or browse through the internet and order some brochures of everything your recipient has always dreamed of but never had the time to do:  Luxury cruises, organized tours around the world, wild safaris in Africa,  diving courses in Australia, sailing boats catalog etc. the sky is the limit (speaking of which, how about a flight course brochure?...)

  5. Travel essentials:  luggage tag, eye mask, universal plug etc.. These will mark the beginning of a new era full of travel opportunities and adventures. These go well together with the travel brochures above. If you know your recipient is already planning on traveling extensively in the future, check out the frequent traveler gift basket idea for more items you can include in your gift basket.

  6. Empty Photo Album:  include an empty photo album in your gift basket for the recipient to start capturing the happiest time of his/her life. A cool idea would be to also include a Polaroid instant camera so you can take the first picture when giving your gift basket to the recipient. If you want "memory capturing" to play a major role in your retirement gift, check out the scrapbooking gift basket idea for more inspiration.

  7. Crossword puzzle, adult coloring books:  both are fun retirement gift ideas to help pass the time between one adventure and another.

More retirement gift ideas:

Funny retirement T-shirts: you can come up with one of your own or find a ready made one. See some funny options at Zazzle for example (click on the shirts for more details).

Hobby gift baskets:  if your recipient does not have a hobby yet, how about introducing him/her to one? Check out the gift baskets by hobby page to find a new hobby for your recipient.

Hobby workshop:  if you don't have the time to prepare a hobby gift basket but like the idea of giving your recipient a hobby related gift, how about enrolling him/her to a workshop such as woodworking, painting, mosaic making, quilting, scale-modeling, pottery etc.
If you have a hobby yourself and would like to teach it to your recipient, how about a personal one-on-one workshop from you to your recipient? You can invite them by using one  of these free printable gift certificates.

Sports related gifts:  retirement is a great time to get back in shape. No more excuses for not having enough time. While golfing  is probably the number one retirement sport, other sports can also be a lot of fun. Check out the sports gift baskets page for more inspiration.

Couch potato gifts: some retiree's dream after years and years of hard work is to simply stay put for a while. Lay on the couch with the remote in one hand and a drink in the other and just r…e…l…a…x! If your recipient is one of them, why not indulge him/her? Check out the couch potato gift basket idea.

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