"Keep Warm" Gift Basket
Full of Warm Gifts
for People Who are Always Cold

keep warm gift basket idea

This unique gift basket idea was inspired by my long term acquaintance with someone who's almost always cold - me!

I tend to freeze at temperatures that make other people go to the beach. And to make it more complicated, my husband is an "always hot" kind of guy. Therefore, over the years, I had to come up with innovative ways to keep warm in all kinds of situations.

Below you'll find inexpensive ideas for warm gifts to include in this gift basket, based on my experience and attempts to warm myself up.

If your recipient is a "walking popsicle" like me, do him/her a huge favor - get one, some or all of the below warm gift ideas and help them regain feeling in their hands and feet again...

"Keep Warm" gift basket ingredients

gift basket Container - basket
pillows Heating pillow - my best friend between October-May every year! This pillow is filled with grains such as flex seeds. You heat it up in the microwave for about 2 minutes (depending on size) and it retains heat for hours. Especially if you place it under a blanket. If you are feeling crafty you can even make one yourself (just make sure your recipient has a microwave first!).
slippers Microwave slippers - following the same idea as the above, another great gift idea but this time for feet only (I should get a pair myself!).
air activated warmer Disposable air-activated warmers - flat plastic bags filled with heat generating ingredients that heat up upon contact with air. An excellent warm gift for outdoor emergencies. Run a search on "warmers" in this Amazon search box and you'll see what I mean.
thermal underwear Thermal underwear
scarf, mat Ear muffs, Scarf, hat - classic warm gifts for any person, especially in winter.
gloves Gloves - hands are usually the first to get cold (along with feet) therefore gloves come in very handy for "temperature challenged" people. If your recipient's Finger tips freeze while she/he works on their computer, a pair of wool/ fleece fingerless gloves will do an excellent job!
fingerless gloves USB heated gloves - a techie variation on the above. These fingerless gloves contain warming pads within, which are heated by plugging them into a computer's USB port. I have a pair (at least I had one until my daughter "adopted" it) and it really does the trick. Here is an example of such gloves at Tinydeal.
socks Warm socks - essential for keeping "freeze prone" feet protected as coldness tends to creep in from the tips of our body.
battery heated socks Battery heated socks - yes they do exist! Take the socks concept to a whole new level with this cool, or shall I say warm gift idea.
magic scarf Magic Scarf- a scarf made of unique fluffy material that can stretch enormously and then return to its original shape. This feature lets you wear it in very versatile options: shawl, cape, hat, vest, scarf, tank top, dress and more (click on this Youtube link to see what I mean). I use it as a turtle neck scarf in winter and as a shawl for air conditioned places during summer.
hot water bottle Hot water bottle - the good old fashioned water bottle can save the day especially during power outages or when outdoors. A microwave heated version is also available.
freece jumper Fleece products - fleece is a fluffy, eco-friendly material that retains heat well. Any "always cold" person should have at least one fleece jumper in his/her wardrobe, and a fleece comforter by the couch.
door draft stopper Door draft stopper - looks like a long sleeve filled with styrene pellets. Placed on the floor against door to stop draft from coming in.
mug Mug - I often drink hot water to re-heat myself in winter. An oversized mug is best for this purpose as it enables me to wrap both my hands around it. Let the defrosting begin...
tea bag Tea bags - when drinking hot liquids to keep warm it's better to find alternatives to coffee (otherwise you might end up with a caffeine overdose). Herbal tea bags make an excellent choice (look for caffeine free ones).

canned soup

Canned soup - for emergencies when your recipient is both freezing and hungry.
hot pepper Spicy food - ever eaten very spicy food and felt like steam was coming out of your ears? spicy food can really warm you up from the inside! Add some Tabasco, wasabi, chili peppers or any other spicy food you can think of as an inner heating ingredient to your gift basket.
herbs and spices Heat inducing herbs - according to herbal medicine some herbs and spices such as cinnamon, clove, cardamon, chili, paprika and ginger can warm you up even if they do not taste hot. Include some of them in your gift basket.
travel cup Insolated travel mug - on-the-go heating source for "always cold" people on the way to or from work, and even during.

Want to splurge some more? How about these warm gift ideas? (No, I did not make them up. They do exist!)

foot massager Massaging foot warmer
electric blanket Electric blanket
chair warmer USB Chair warmer
keyboard USB mouse and keyboard warmer

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