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"A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime."

- Unknown

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We all have precious memories we cherish and a scrapbook is a beautiful artistic way to keep them all.

You can prepare a scrapbook as a personal touching gift for your recipient. Or better yet, you can give her/him a scrapbooking gift basket with everything they'll need to put together their own scrapbook.

scrapbooking is extremely easy - all you need to do is cut and glue (some even consider it a form of occupational therapy), therefore this gift idea is suitable for almost anyone!

And because scrapbooking is all about treasuring memories, this scrapbooking gift idea makes an excellent gift for any major event in life:

It can be a great birthday gift idea (especially for the "big ones" - 16, 21, 40, 50 etc.), a graduation gift idea to or a college / university starter gift, a new baby gift idea, a bridal shower or a wedding gift idea and more. It's the perfect fit for any event your recipient would want to remember.

How exactly is scrapbooking done?

You simply collect memorabilia from different episodes in your life (photos, notes you received, tickets to a show you went to, pictures you love and anything else that means something to you and can be glued onto paper) and combine them in a special album - the scrapbook.

You can also add written thoughts, memories or other notes, and of course decorate to your heart's content.

Here's a list of scrapbooking essentials. You can find them at arts-and-crafts stores, at office supplies stores or for an on-budget gift - even at dollar stores. At the bottom of the page you can find some examples for such items for online purchase.

Choose some or all of them and put together a homemade scrapbooking kit!

Scrapbooking gift basket ingredient list

gift basket Container - basket
scrapbook Scrapbook - the actual album that will hold the memorabilia in. These books come in different sizes and patterns. You can use the scrapbook as the container by placing all other items on it, as if it was a tray.
scissors Scissors
self retracting knife Self-retracting knife
ruler Ruler
glue Glue - glue stick, or white liquid glue. Just make sure it is acid free for long durability of scrapbook.
adhasives Adhesive dots / foam squares - used to give added dimension and to stick small embellishments on (buttons, ribbons, flowers).
photo corners Photo corner stickers
felt Scrapbook paper - many patterns to choose from. Some relate to specific occasion such as wedding, baby etc. It's a matter of taste so either try to guess your recipient's preference, choose a themed paper for the celebrated occasion, or go for the safer more subtle choices. Make sure you get the right size paper for the scrapbook you chose.
pen Pen - for journaling and comment adding. a black pen is a classic and of course other colors are more than welcome.
markers Color markers
stickers Decorative stickers - there are many themed sticker packs, choose one to suite the occasion (birthday, birth, graduation, vacation etc.)
buttons Other Embellishments - buttons, leaves, flowers, stones, beads etc. You can even have a look around the house and come up with little hidden treasures (shells, buttons, pieces of children jewelry, pretty ribbons etc.).
decorative stamp Decorative stamps + ink
decorative puncher Decorative paper punchers
stencils Stencils
glitter Glitter
photo Memorabilia - contribute the first item for this scrapbook. Find or take a picture of the recipient in a special moment and add it to your gift basket. You can also add a note from you or an item that has a symbolic meaning to your recipient (lock of hair, favorite snack wrap, logo of favorite music band etc.).
magazin Scrapbooking magazine- a copy of a magazine or a subscription to one for some inspiration. Or... (see below)
arts and carfts book Scrapbooking book
blank gift certificate Homemade scrapbooking workshop - if you do scrapbooking yourself how about this cool gift idea? Print out one of these blank gift certificates and invite your recipient to a one-on-one workshop with you and his/her new scrapbooking gift basket.

For a one stop shop for all these items, check out the below list from Amazon:


If you want to prepare a scrapbook for your recipient yourself, here is a good site to guide you through.

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